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Chang Jung Christian University

No.1,Changda Rd.,Gueiren District, Tainan City 71101, Taiwan(R.O.C.) Tainan City View map


    In 1993, Chang Jung Christian University (CJCU) has renamed from Chang Jung College of Management, is founded by Presbyterian Church in Taiwan and located in southern Taiwan. Following the Christian charity spirit of love and selflessness, the university carries out education with the concept of “Holistic Education.” Currently, there are 9 colleges, 1 faculty of education, 54 departments and bachelor degree programs, 20 master’s programs and independent graduate schools, 1 doctoral program, 13 research institutions, and several education centers. Additionally, in the 108 academic years, the student enrollment rate still can reach up to 93 percent. Therefore, it manifests that the proportion of student population continues to grow, even in the face of the crisis of low childbirth rate.

    About the development and feature of ours, CJCU adheres to our core values of “Worship God, love human being, cherish things, and full devotion.” Our objectives are to gain a foothold in the local community, connect with the world, and become a leading university regarding social responsibility. In 2016, CJCU established The International Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots Eco-Center to achieve the development of “Holistic education and Leadership in sustainability.” By follows the spirit of Jane Goodall—Use your power to change your surroundings—to develop programs based on the promotion of humanistic and environmental education. In 2017, CJCU established Yunus Social Business Center, becoming the first social business center in southern Taiwan and the second one in our country in the name of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dr. Muhammad Yunus. Through education and training, this center promotes the concept of social enterprise and further implements the goal of social responsibility and sustainable development. Besides, in order to cultivate students’ international vision, CJCU has signed partner institutions (sister schools) contracts with Hong Kong, Macao, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, and other countries. Meanwhile, CJCU is also working with QUT to implement a joint degree program to provide students with international education demands. Additionally, CJCU set up a Japanese education center on Miyako-Jima in 2018, demonstrating the ambition to expand education abroad and a milestone in the development of transnational education.

    CJCU also won the good result in a number of certifications. In 2019, our university won 4 stars award in QS Stars rating, as well as in the ranking of “Best Universities in Taiwan” released by 2019 Global Views Monthly, CJUC ranked 16 among the top 20 universities in culture, law, and business. In 2018, CJCU won the golden award of an enterprise sustainability report in TCSA. Hence, all these achievements show that implementation of educational development has been recognized by domestic and foreign certification institutions.

    Finally, about our future prospects, CJCU insists on the purpose of “Holistic Education and Leadership in Sustainability.” To reach the top Christian university in the world by following the goal of core values. CJCU undertakes social responsibility from education itself and hopes that every student will become a seed of creating a just society, and then spread the concept of social justice in every.


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