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Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics

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  • Study Level Bachelors
  • Duration 48 months

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The Engineering Physics (EP) major is designed for students who want to pursue careers of research or development in applied science or advanced technology and engineering. Its distinguishing feature is a focus on physics and math fundamentals, both experimental and theoretical, that are at the base of modern engineering and research and have a broad applicability in these areas. By choosing areas of concentration within this major, students may combine this physics base with a good background in a conventional area of engineering or applied science. The industrial demand for EP B.S. graduates is high, and many students go directly to industrial positions where they work in a variety of engineering or developmental areas that either combine, or are in the realm of, various more conventional areas of engineering. Recent examples include bioengineering, computer technology, electronic-circuit and instrumentation design, energy conversion, environmental engineering, geological analysis, laser and optical technology, microwave technology, nuclear technology, software engineering, solid-state-device development, technical management, and financial consulting. A number of EP graduates go on for advanced study in all areas of basic and applied physics as well as in a diverse range of areas in advanced science and engineering. Examples include applied physics, astrophysics, atmospheric sciences, biophysics, cell biology, computer science and engineering, electrical engineering, environmental science, fluid mechanics, geotechnology, laser optics, materials science and engineering, mathematics, mechanical engineering, medical physics, medicine, nuclear engineering, plasma physics, oceanography, and physics. The major can also serve as an excellent preparation for medical school, business school, or specialization in patent law.