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Design Academy Eindhoven

The world is changing rapidly, and the design profession is also changing with it. Design Academy Eindhoven considers educational innovation, the development of knowledge and research to be of paramount importance. Our academy will therefore respond to and capitalise on the changes by embedding current themes and developments as effectively as possible in the curriculum and the organisation of the education it provides. Design Academy Eindhoven believes that curiosity and openness, to ideas and to people, is a vital part of design. We are a design school, a place where individuals are educated in what they bring to the world and guided to find their own way. We take students concerns, talents and authentic responses to the world and show them how to make the most of themselves and uncover their purpose. To do so we need to provide new tools, new areas of expertise and a broader set of design and research skills. We as a school are a guide in the journey of identifying and developing each individual's motivation and strengths. We give each of them a platform to go out into the world and connect, creating design that has meaning and impact.
  • 74.3
    Overall Score
  • 78.8
    Academic Reputation
  • 33.8
    Employer Reputation
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