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Radboud University

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In addition to a number of courses taught in Dutch, Radboud University offers 11 Bachelor’s programmes and 35 Master’s programmes in English on many levels and across many academic fields.

Ranked among the top 11 universities in the Netherlands, Radboud University faculty staff have received numerous prizes and grants due to the quality of their research, such as the Nobel Prize and the Spinoza Prize. Radboud University was also recently rated Best General University in the Netherlands. Read more about the university’s achievements here.

As well as its top quality research and education, Radboud University offers many other benefits:

  • Personal approach Our personal style of teaching gives you the opportunity to work closely with leading researchers and excellent teachers in interactive, small seminars. Professors are easily approachable to discuss your study subjects. 
  • Freedom of choice You decide which specialisation and subject choice is most appropriate for you. We offer you a great deal of choice and in many cases, you can put together your own made-to-measure programme based on your own interests.
  • Great city Radboud University is based in Nijmegen in the Netherlands, a beautiful historic city connected to the world of business, with a large student population and year-round music festivals and carnivals.
  • Sustainability Radboud University has the greenest campus in the Netherlands. Radboud University is built with sustainability in mind and serves organic coffee and other ecological goods on campus. In 2014, it came second in SustainaBul’s ranking of the most sustainable universities in the country, and in 2018 it is the Green Capital of Europe.
  • Concern for students Radboud strives for the highest quality, also with its services. This has even been acknowledged by the European Commission, who recently stated that Radboud University has ‘an impressive range of activities for outgoing and incoming students and a high sense of concern for quality'.
  • Build networks As a student, you will benefit from the presence of numerous Dutch and international companies and institutions, such as NXP, the Radboud Medical Center, the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, and many other highly regarded research institutes. After graduation, you will have a strong, clearly identifiable professional profile for the job market, increasing your chances of finding employment.

To make the best choice for a Bachelor's or Master's degree that fits you, come to Radboud University!

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  • 47.1
    Overall Score
  • 38.6
    Academic Reputation
  • 73.6
    Citations per Faculty
  • 55.5
    Faculty Student
  • 44.7
    International Faculty
  • 40.4
    International Students
  • 77.7
    Overall Score
  • 58.8
    Academic Reputation
  • 95.8
    Citations per Paper
  • 44.9
    Employer Reputation
  • 89.4
    H-index Citations
The numbers, stats, stars and rankings data are provided by QS Intelligence Unit.

Number of academic faculty staff

In total

Number of students

Postgraduate 38%
Undergraduate 62%

Number of international students

Postgraduate 38%
Undergraduate 62%
The numbers, stats, stars and rankings data are provided by QS Intelligence Unit.
The numbers, stats, stars and rankings data are provided by QS Intelligence Unit.

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35 Postgraduate Courses

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