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Undergraduate Overview


Dhofar University (DU) is located in the city of Salalah in the Dhofar Governorate of Sultanate of Oman. It is the only University in the region offering Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs through its four Colleges. These Colleges are: The College of Arts and Applied Sciences (CAAS), the College of Commerce and Business Administration (CCBA), the College of Engineering (CE) and the College of Law (CL). Currently (2019-20), DU offers 26 Bachelor Programs in the fields of Arts & Humanities, Business & Management, Engineering, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences. All these programs follow credit hour system and the medium of instruction is mostly English, with few programs being offered in Arabic. 

Bachelor Programs offered by the College of Arts and Applied Sciences

1)      Bachelor of Education in Teaching Mathematics

2)      Bachelor of Education in Teaching Science

3)      Bachelor of Education in Teaching English Language

4)      Bachelor of Education in Teaching Information Technology

5)      Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

6)      Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

7)      Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

8)      Bachelor of Arts in English Language

9)      Bachelor of Arts in Translation

10)    Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Language

11)    Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (English)

12)    Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (Arabic)

Bachelor Programs offered by the College of Engineering

1)      Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering 

2)      Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

3)      Bachelor of Science in Computer and Communications Engineering

4)      Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

5)      Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

6)      Bachelor of Internal Architecture Engineering

7)      Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering

Bachelor Program offered by the College of Law

1)      Bachelor of Law (Arabic)

Foundation Program

DU also offers a Foundation Program (FP), which is aligned with Oman Academic Standards (OAS) for General Foundation Program (GFP). FP is a one-year program designed to bridge the gap between Higher Secondary Education and University Undergraduate Studies. The program focuses on three major areas of study: English, Mathematics and IT, in addition to General Study Skills.

All students admitted to DU at undergraduate level have to take a placement test conducted by the FP. Based on the results of this placement tests, students are either exempted from the FP and can proceed directly to the first year of Bachelors Program or are required to study the FP for one or more semesters until they successfully complete the Program.

Those who have to study the FP are placed at the appropriate level, depending on their performance in the placement test. There are three levels in the FP for English language and two each for Mathematics and IT.

 Academic Year, Semester Load and Duration of Study

The academic year for Bachelor Programs at DU is divided into two main semesters (Fall and Spring) of sixteen weeks each and a Summer semester of eight weeks of instruction. The normal semester load of a Bachelor Program is between 15 to 18 credit hours during Fall and Spring semesters and between 6 to 9 credit hours in Summer semester, depending on the program.

As per MoHE guidelines, the time limit set for completing the Bachelor Program is not less than four academic years and not more than eight academic years. During the above mentioned period, a student may postpone or withdraw his/her study up to a maximum of four semesters.

Entry Requirements

There are two types of entry requirements for admission to any Bachelor Program at DU.

The entry requirements are the same for both domestic and international students.

1)      General Entry Requirements

The applicant must have:

1)      A General Education Certificate or its equivalent, and

2)      Passed the FP from DU or any other Higher Education Institution recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE),


         Be exempted from the FP English, Maths and IT courses based on the result of placement tests conducted by DU FP.

Program-Specific Entry Requirements

These entry requirements are in addition to the general entry requirements, as specified above, and depend on the program of study.

Admission Procedure

Every applicant (domestic or international) for Bachelor Program is required to submit an application online through the DU Website (www.du.edu.om), and upload color scanned copies of the required documents. The Online admission is the only way through which DU accepts the admission applications. The steps for completing the online admission are set clearly on the DU Website.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for the Bachelor Programs are RO 70 per credit hour. This does not include the cost of books, accommodation and transportation.

The tuition fees are the same for both domestic and international students.

Graduation Requirements

To receive a Bachelor Degree, a student must:

1)      Complete the required number of total credit hours for the program, which ranges from 120 to 150 depending on the major.

2)      Attain a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 65 percent.

3)      Attain a Cumulative Major Grade Point Average (CMGPA) of 70 percent in the compulsory major courses.

Academic Advising

Each Bachelor Program student at DU is assigned an academic advisor in the first semester of study, who is a faculty member from the concerned academic department. The role of the academic advisor is to assist the advisee in preparing course schedule for the semester based on his/her “Plan of Study”, support and guide him/her during the university studies, monitor the academic progress, and offer counselling on any academic difficulties the student may face or experience. The academic advising continues from the day student joins the University till he/she completes the study at DU.

Programs available

Undergraduate - Faculties/Departments and Programs

University Highlights

Total students - 3,790


International students - 145


Total faculty staff - 164


Total students - 3,790


International students - 145


Total faculty staff - 164

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