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Epsilon Net College

Sigrou 120 Athens,
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Epsilon Net College enhances experiences in learning and development, employability and networking and provides education and training that address core business needs. It operates as business unit of EPSILON NET, the leader company in Software Development in Greece and among “1,000 best companies in Europe in Research & Innovation” (2009-2011). 

The competitive advantage of Epsilon Net College is the networking spirit and the employability access to high demand driven market. In Epsilon Net we provide products and services that cover core clients’ needs and overcome their expectations. We have achieved the provision of best possible service and the total satisfaction of customer experience, which has led to low (almost zero) attrition rates. The two previous conditions are the ground of our collaborations, which are a successful ‘’match” of evolving partners. 

Being a part of the first IT company in Greece, ranked as the 71st in Europe, Epsilon Net College is treated with the same respect and provides equally high-quality services upon exploiting our resources and business network. By linking education and training to our software products, we have created a unique and valuable service:


•Network scientific information support

•Higher Education and Professional Training (College and Training)

•Recruitment and Career services (“Evresis”)

In the previous context, our collaboration with 27,000 Greek companies, accountants and HR executives is our competitive advantage over other private and public education institutions in offering Business, Computing and HR education and training programmes. We are dedicated to supporting you gain an advantage to embark on a career. Already, our network partners use our training and recruitment services and address to us for all their needs. 

Epsilon Net College aims to be the applied college of today for tomorrow. Our vision is summarized in our brand moto: “The future of education and careers”.

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