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ESIC Business & Marketing School

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ESIC Business & Marketing School was founded in 1965 by the religious institution Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and has become the leading Business School in the training of Marketing professionals in Spain. It is renowned internationally for its high level of specialization. ESIC meets the company ‘standards and their competitive environment by training professionals that are capable of analyzing, making decisions and acting responsibly in all areas of a company, at any hierarchical level and in any geographical area. ESIC's programs are in constant evolution and provide academic training in the areas of marketing, business management, communication, human resources, finance, digital environments, international trade, market research, etc. ESIC strives to open lines of communication between the academic and the corporate environments by promoting an entrepreneurial spirit in all of its students and by fostering a culture of appreciation of ethical values and rationality in business practices. ESIC fosters scientific and technical research on marketing and business administration topics not only by promoting the student's projects, but also by providing means for knowledge dissemination and research activities to persons from outside the school.

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