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Fachhochschule Münster

Münster University of Applied Sciences has a long tradition of education: founded in 1971 after the merger of public and private schools of engineering and vocational training institutions, it is now one of Germany's largest and most successful institutions of its kind. The aim of Münster University of Applied Sciences is to be the top address for practical education and research. Quality pervades all areas within the university. Quality sets the standards for our teaching, with our wide range of courses being oriented towards demand. Quality is the basis on which we achieve our excellent successes in research - we have the highest rate of third-party funding at any German University of Applied Sciences. It is quality that inspires companies to enter into strategic alliances and partnerships with the university. It is also the hallmark of a finely tuned system of internal resource management. All these attributes characterise the image of this modern, high-performance and customer-oriented university.
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