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Korea Aerospace University

412-791 200-1 Goyang-city View map
South Korea


Article 1 of KAU's Regulations specify the underlying mission of its education programs: "KAU fosters capable persons equipped with strong leadership qualities and professional competence, while it teaches and researches theories and application methods in the domain of aerospace science and technologies, as well as in other academic fields that are essential to the development of Korean society and the human race general development of Korean society and the human race." Under the terms of such a mission, KAU practices its founders' objectives of fostering capable leaders who will discharge their historic responsibilities in the new age by developing their frontier spirit and equipping them with a trulyintellectual culture and advanced scientific technologies. KAU practices a code of conduct embodied in its precepts of "A clean body and mind, wide learning and creativity, and harmony and unity" by pursuing the education of the whole person. These precepts emphasizethe harmony between practicality and humanity based on the general ideals of university education as provided under the Education Act, whereby "A university teaches and studies in-depth theories and seeks extensive and ingenious methods for their application, an essential element in the development of the nation and the human community". In particular, it...

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