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Korea National University of Education

Korea National University of Education (KNUE) is the top South Korean university in the field of education, specializing in teacher training and educational research. Founded in 1984 to raise professional school teachers and to propose the direction of Korean education, ever since then KNUE has been training outstanding teachers who contribute to the country and to society. As the most prestigious national institution for teacher training, the university prepares kindergarten, primary school, and secondary school teachers. KNUE has also been systematically providing reeducation and professional training programs for in-service teachers, and broadening the scope of education by furthering the study of education theories and practices. KNUE will ceaselessly commit to the values and principles of education in order to nurture genuine educators who can lead our future education.

  • 55.3
    Academic Reputation
  • 67.6
    Citations per Paper
  • 73.7
    Employer Reputation
  • 67.4
    H-index Citations
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