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Leonard de Vinci Group - Paris La Defense

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The Léonard de Vinci Group  in Paris is composed of three schools: EMLV (Business School), ESILV (Engineering School) and IIM (School of Web Design and Multimedia).

 Whether you are thinking of combining two degrees or taking part in a joint student project or a business incubator, Léonard de Vinci will provide you with the resources, staff support and field expertise you need.

The Pole Universitaire Léonard de Vinci encourages interdisciplinary collaboration between departments and is based around values of multiculturalism, innovation and good sportsmanship.

Located in the main European business district, our schools are close to major national and international companies. They collaborate practically with the corporate world in order to provide employers worldwide with highly skilled and culturally adaptable graduates. High-level research and original teaching methods based on hybrid courses, project-based learning and flipped classrooms develop a large set of hard and soft skills. Students work in up-to-date facilities and benefit from collaborative and creative amenities such as the Learning Center, the FabLab for technical innovation, or the interdisciplinary Incubator for instance

On your first day with us, you will be welcomed at the airport by the International Relations Department to help you settle in Paris. You’ll be supported by administrative and academic staff to make sure that have an exceptional learning experience in Paris right from the start.

Located in bustling downtown, the de Vinci Campus is unique in providing a close connection to the corporate world. The campus is surrounded by many attractions including modern sculptures, shopping malls, cinemas, cafés, and restaurants. Buildings are safe and highly secured. The Campus is above all an optimal place for learning for its combination of modern technological resources (online courses, databases, wifi) and traditional lecture halls and classrooms in addition to access the learning center, the FabLab, sports halls, restaurants, and numerous recreational areas.

Site resources

  • 10 auditoriums with a total of 1,675 places
  • 170 classrooms . An executive area with a conference auditorium and several meeting rooms
  • 6 scientific research laboratories, 15 experimentation rooms
  • A Learning Center: 70 free access workstations with Internet connection. Group work rooms are made available to meet the needs of project-based instructional methods.
  • Bloomberg Lab with 12 terminals . The FabLab with its 3D printers and innovation center
  • A Learning Lab with 1000 m2 of custom-designed space to enhance students’ learning experience
  • 31 Computer Labs
  • A state-of-the-art information system supported by a computer network of 1200 micro computers with 500 computer connections and professional softwares
  • 6 fully equipped sport rooms used to teach classical dancing, modern jazz, fitness, boxing, judo, karate and weight training
  • 4 restaurants

The strength of Léonard de Vinci Group lies in the spirit of its students their rapport and their cooperation on and off campus. Integration weeks, to school events and holidays, while student organisations create strong bonds that are not limited to the academic year but continue after graduation through the alumni network. 45 student associations have been created and covering activities such as culture, creativity, social events, humanitarian work, sports, professional life and social actions.

Sports, music, theatre, parties, adventure, The Pôle has it all!

  • Applications may be submitted through the online portals www.devinci.fr/en
  • Interviews are held (either face-to-face or via Skype)
  • Final decisions by the recruitment committee are given within 24 hours
  • Students receive an admission letter and are asked to confirm their acceptance into the programme
  • Registration is validated on payment of a deposit of tuition fees
  • Students then receive a letter confirming registration and payment that is required for starting the VISA process
  • Payment of balance is due upon arrival

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