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Nara Institute of Science and Technology

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NAIST was formed in 1991 as a newly structured national graduate university composed of active researchers in three graduate schools focusing on information science, biological sciences and materials science, the core research areas of the 21st century. NAIST has been highly evaluated for its world-leading research and for cultivating capable individuals through its unique graduate university curriculum. Since its establishment, NAIST has produced roughly 5000 master's course graduates and 1000 doctoral course graduates into society to contribute to various sectors. Also, as with talented researchers such as (2012 Nobel Laureate) Shinya Yamanaka, NAIST has delivered many accomplished research faculty around Japan where they are working at the forefront of science and technology. In the twenty years since NAIST was established, science and technology have changed dramatically. Twenty years ago in information science, the internet had just begun to spread throughout society, but we are now living in an era where the internet is active in real-time, connecting people and spreading enormous amounts of data worldwide. In biological sciences, the era of studying individual DNA structures and functions has given way to the current stage in which we can easily determine plant, animal, and human genomes. Furthermore, in materials science, advancements...

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