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ParisTech is a cluster that brings together 12 of France’s leading engineering and business Schools (Grandes Ecoles). As an institute of science, technology and management, ParisTech covers the whole spectrum of science, technology and management and offers a comprehensive and unique set of internationally recognized programmes to more than 20.000 students: -> 21 Master programmes; -> a vast range of PhD programmes; -> 95 Advanced Masters (Mastères Spécialisés); -> several MBA programmes; -> a complete assortment of professional development seminars. ParisTech education system benefits both from the exceptional research resources of ParisTech Grandes Ecoles and their international academic partners, and the support of leading big companies. ParisTech Grandes Ecoles are grouped on three large campuses, benefitting from an exceptional location that combines campus life and access to the town. > ParisTech website > ParisTech Masters website
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