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Russian State Social University


The Russian State Social University (RSSU), since its foundation in 1991, has maintained its reputation as the main academic research center in the field of Social Sciences in Russia and CIS. Postgraduate programs of RSSU provide students with the opportunity to develop the academic skills necessary to conduct in-depth and effective research. There are 33 M.A. programs within 10 faculties of Russian State Social University covering a broad range of subjects. The PH.D. programs at the Faculty of Postgraduate Studies in RSSU offers 12 interdisciplinary courses in Social Sciences, Political Science, Psychology, Cultural Studies, Linguistics, Economics, Information Science and Computing, Law, Philosophy, Earth Science, Ethics and Religious Studies, Technosphere Safety, Physical Education and Sports. To enhance the quality of education and research and provide academia with trends and prospects of modern science and education, RSSU publishes 2 scientific journals “The RSSU Proceedings” and “The Social Politics and Sociology” and also hosts several annual congresses, including: the Annual Congress of Social Sciences, the Annual Congress of Educational Studies and Social Work and the Russian Congress of Social Entrepreneurship.

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