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The Scholar Ship

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The Scholar Ship – A University Campus at Sea

In September 2007 the world's first study-at-sea programme designed specifically for students across the world will be launched by a consortium of international universities from Australia, China, Morocco, Mexico and Ghana and the USA.

The Scholar Ship is a semester-long academic programme taking place aboard a specially equipped passenger ship which brings together up to 600 undergraduate and postgraduate international students to form a floating transnational learning community focused on intercultural leadership and communication. The Scholar Ship will set sail from Greece on its inaugural voyage en route to eight countries on four continents over a period of 16 weeks.

A distinctive new model for intercultural education

Knowledge of how to react in an increasingly global dimension in work and study is a must today. Those who demonstrate the ability to work and to adapt across cultural, political and linguistic boundaries will be leaders of tomorrow. The Scholar Ship is a new model of intercultural learning in which students can take part in a series of academic, cultural and social activities both on board and ashore designed to strengthen their personal and professional development.

The Scholar Ship's consortium of Academic Stewards


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