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Technical University of Denmark


Technical University of Denmark (DTU) offers 28 MSc programmes and 22 joint international programmes, all taught exclusively in English. DTU offers a highly flexible course structure enabling students to design their studies ranging from the highly specialized to a broader educational profile.

The MSc programmes are cross-disciplinary and you will be engaged in project-based assignments where you can apply theoretical knowledge to solve real-life problems. All our MSc programmes are research-based and train students in advanced research methods, teach them to adopt a constructive and critical approach to research findings, and to translate new knowledge into technical solutions. To ensure that academic activities are based on the latest scientific knowledge, all teaching, supervision, and course development at DTU is carried out by professors and lecturers who are themselves active researchers.

DTU puts a strong emphasis on the global markets, we are therefore offering 22 joint international programmes in which students study one year at DTU and one year abroad at prestigious universities such as TUM or KAIST. This enable students to access elite programmes and unique specializations. DTU is also part of the EuroTech Universities Alliance and the Nordic5Tech Alliance, each being among the highest ranking universities within their fields.

The DTU main campus is located in Lyngby within the Greater Copenhagen Area, 30 minutes away from the Copenhagen city center. Denmark is among the safest and least corrupt countries in the world, and Danes a continuously ranked as the happiest people on earth. Furthermore, Denmark is ranked as the best country in the world for business.

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