MSc in Mechatronics Engineering 24 months Postgraduate Program By Tishk International University |Top Universities
Program Duration

24 monthsProgram duration


10,000 USDTuition Fee/year



Program overview



Study Level


Study Mode

On Campus

The program is the shared responsibility of Salahaddin University and Tishk International University, hereafter referred to as partner universities.

Program overview



Study Level


Study Mode

On Campus

The program is the shared responsibility of Salahaddin University and Tishk International University, hereafter referred to as partner universities.

Admission requirements

2 Years

Tuition fee and scholarships

Domestic Students

10,000 USD

International Students

10,000 USD

One of the important factors when considering a master's degree is the cost of study. Luckily, there are many options available to help students fund their master's programme. Download your copy of the Scholarship Guide to find out which scholarships from around the world could be available to you, and how to apply for them.

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TIU established Joint Master Degree Programs with public universities in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Students of these Joint Programs can use facilities of both universities and receive upon completion a single degree certificate issued and signed jointly by both partner universities. The program is managed by the Executive committee which is formed by one senior academic from both partner universities, each of whom has one vote. The members of the committee are assigned by their home universities. The Executive committee will set up a joint Master Program Board for each Master's program consisting of members from partner universities. The Board will have the responsibility concerning all major internal decisions such as common objectives, entry requirements, admission procedure, core contents and structure of Joint Master Programs. These decisions will be subject to the final approval be the executive committee.

Lecturers and supervisors of the students will be assigned by the Executive committee from both universities. Each of the followings are determined, set and controlled by the Ministry:

Ø   Conditions and Requirements of opening Master Degree Programs,

Ø   The conditions for Iraqi applicants (application qualification),

Ø   The conditions for applicants which live outside of Kurdistan region and do not have Iraqi ID cards,

Ø   The scientific requirements for obtaining a Master Degree,

Ø   The structure of the Master Degree Programs courses,

Ø   The plan and number of seats of Master Degree Programs,

Ø   The tuition fees of the Master Degree Programs.


Assessments at the Master Programs

In the first year, students should prepare two papers (minimum of 3,000 words for each) within each semester. Each paper is awarded 50% of the totals score of the related course. Every paper should be evaluated and scored by 2 examiners (one form TIU and the other is from outside the university specialized in the same are of the paper).

In the second year, the students are required to conduct a research project and to write a thesis based on the research methodologies. The master's thesis must demonstrate that the student knows the background and principal works of the research area, and can produce significant scholarly work. It should contain some original contribution whenever possible.

The master student also has to publish at least one article extracted from the master thesis.

The Defense (VIVA) Committee of the master thesis is composed of:

  •        The Thesis Supervisor, with no assessment right.
  •        An Internal Faculty, with assessment right.
  •        Two non-TIU/partner members (External Assessors), with assessment right.


The eligibility criteria for the membership in the VIVA committee are:

  • Holding an “Assistant Professor” Academic Title or higher.
  • For academicians holding a “Lecturer” Academic Title (only for PhD holders), he/she should have minimum two years’ experience teaching in a higher education institution after the issuance of the last academic title, and he/she should have minimum two articles published in an approved journal after the issuance of the last academic title.
  • It is important that members are at “arm’s length” from the student and the thesis.
  • Having strong expertise in the field of the research.


Master Programs

The number of the allocated seats for the master program is determined by the Ministry of Higher Education.

Postgrad programs