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Udmurt State University


UdSU is the oldest and multidisciplinary higher educational institution of Udmurt Republic. For over 80 years of its history UdSU has been celebrating the reputation of scientific, educational and cultural center of the region. With a strong focus on internationalization and aiming to integrate into the European and worldwide education areas, UdSU has been in cooperation with various universities and organizations in the CIS, Europe, Asia and America under many international partnership agreements. Every year we welcome students and scholars from all over the world that study and conduct research at UdSU and enjoy getting to know the university, the Republic, the city of Izhevsk and its people. The mission of UdSU is to provide qualitative training of top-ranked specialists who will promote and forward intellectual, socioeconomic and cultural development of Udmurt Republic and the Russian Federation. Nowadays UdSU numbers 13 faculties and 8 institutes and over 950 academicians. 18650 students are studying with specialization in more than 80 specialties. The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes for those who pursue for Bachelor, Specialist and Master degrees in various study fields. Udmurt State University maintains partnership relations within the framework of 35 international agreements with the universities of CIS, Europe,...

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