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University of Fallujah

Fallujah, High Way Fallujah City,


University of Fallujah has grown and progressed significantly since 2013, gaining a wealth of academic, research and institutional accomplishments that continue to position us as an effective partner in the Anbarian and the larger Iraqi society and one of the leading universities in the region.

The university of Fallujah (UF) embodies the civil accomplishments of the historic city of Fallujah, a city that remains one of the bedrocks of intellectual enrichment and free thinking.    

Rooted in its founding documents, the university works for individual and community development.

In sync with the post-conflict stabilization period, the university Community Service Center has launched multiple programs that range from childhood programs, Anti-GBV programs, women empowerment programs to de-radicalization programs, social inclusion programs, better local institutional performance programs, programs that would enhance the quality of the local life and make it more hopeful and more viable to the community after years of war and violence.

In line with the 2018-2022 cabinet portfolio, the university adopts an ambitious academic and research roadmap that fields national development priorities, spur economic growth, improve social conditions and ultimately advance the national prosperity.

As a national university, we recognize our responsibility to uplift the culture and the identity of the Iraqi society  and enhance Arab and Islamic values and identity”.

We believe that the university can realize its ambitions by extending bridges of cooperation with Arabic and international universities embodied by the academic agreements, exchange programs as well as enhancement of research quality.

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