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University of Fallujah

Fallujah, High Way Fallujah City,

Undergraduate Overview

tudents enjoy a variety of interesting undergraduate programs offered in the university. The university offers vital undergraduate programs that contribute to the advancement of the community socio-economic life.

Firm in its conviction that humanitarian sciences are the key drive for sociopolitical and intellectual transformation, the university offers  undergraduate programs in Economics, Public Administration, Law and Political Science and Religious Studies, programs that would meet the students future job prospects and optimize the quality of the local and national life amid a time of tumult. Students receive an education that not only expand their knowledge but also reshape their mindsets and render them better thinkers and better individuals.

Moreover, the university already offers undergraduate programs in Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, where students enjoy state-of-the-art medical education in terms of syllabus, hi-tech devices, medical research, class-halls and foreign-educated faculty.  

Mindful of the rapidly changing job market interests and the new medical industry demands, the university inaugurated this year Medical Physics, Applied Chemistry, Biotechnology and Medical Lab Technology.

Campus Locations

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