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University of Modern Sciences, Yemen



UMS offers both the B.A and the diploma in the field of Business Administration, Accounting, Marketing Financial &Banking Sciences, Information System, Media, Tourism& hostelry, and English language (translation & art) in the Faculty of Humanitarian & Administration Sciences. And Faculty of Engineering & Information Sciences offers different majors in Information Technology.

The university offers bachelor degree and diploma in Business Administration, Marketing, Accounting, Financial &Banking Sciences and the Information System through Distance Learning Center.

UMS has the suitable academic environment providing its students with the well-qualified teachers both Yemeni and foreigners. It concerns on both levels; theoretical and practical levels. It aims at success in the global world where education becomes the basic foundation for the reconstruction of societies.

UMS is a member in the Union of Yemeni Universities and in the Union of Arab Universities. UMS works hard to strengthen the scientific and cultural relations with other universities, high learning centers and the academic institutions. Based on this belief, UMS has established a partnership with SkiimManipal University which is a member in the Union of Commonwealth Universities that includes Britain, Australia, India, and other countries.

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