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University of Prishtina

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The University of Prishtina was established by the “Law on the Establishment of the University of Prishtina,” which was approved by the Assembly of the Socialist Autonomous Province of Kosova, on November 18, 1969. The establishment of the University of Prishtina was an historical event for the people of Kosova and the Albanian nation as a whole. The Founding Assembly of the University of Prishtina was held on February 13, 1970. Two days later, the meeting was held marking the beginning of the university’s existence. Within the newly established University of Prishtina, the following departments were established: Department of Philosophy, Department of Law and Economics, Department of Engineering and the Department of Medicine. Now the University of Prishtina has 17 departments, where 14 of them are academic department and 3 are departments of applied sciences. Upon entry into the Statute of the University of Prishtina, on July 9, 2004, the rights and responsibilities of the students and the personnel of the Department of Teaching and High Pedagogical Schools were transferred to the Department of Education. In the academic year 2009/2010, the University of Prishtina had 41,833 students enrolled. (37,839 of the students were in their Bachelor studies and 3,544 in their Master studies.)
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