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«Model United Nations» in Online Format

For the first time, the International Conference «Model UN – New Silk Way» was held in an online format. The event, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the founding of the UN and the end of the World War II, was organized by Al-Farabi KazNU with the support of the United Nations Information Bureau and the Representative Office of the MFA of the RK in Almaty. Read more: https://www.kaznu.kz/en/3/news/one/20124/

Leading institution of higher education of Kazakhstan, and one of the top university of Central Asia Al-Farabi Kazakh National University has celebrated the 85th anniversary in 2019. In the frames of celebrating this solemn date, the university held QS Worldwide Conference, Silkroad Universities Network, V General Assembly, Workshop for University Social Responsibility Network and Global Youth Forum in September 2019 that had gathered where academicians from all over the world.

Today, the alumni of KazNU includes not only leading academicians of Kazakhstan, but also great number of ministers, governors, top managers, members of Parliament, CEOs of National corporations and Olympic Champions.

Al-Farabi KazNU is the leader of the National Rankings among the universities of Kazakhstan. The university was the first laureate of the Presidential Award of the Republic of Kazakhstan “For Achievements in the Area of Quality” and laureate of the Award of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) for achievements in the area of quality and services in the history of the country. Al-Farabi KazNU was ranked 207 in the QS World University Rankings 2019/20, making it Kazakhstan’s highest ranked university. Al-Farabi KazNU is ranked 18th in the Emerging Europe and Central Asia (EECA) University Rankings. The university is a member of the following international organizations:  the International Association of Universities, European Society for Engineering Education, the international Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience and International Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence, and the Indo-US Collaboration for Engineering Education.

It was first among Central Asian universities to join the UN “Academic Impact” (UNAI) program and to become the Global HUB of UNAI on sustainability, aimed at supporting 10 internationally recognized principles of the UN. In collaboration with the UN Information Office in Kazakhstan, Al-Farabi KazNU has joined the Global Model UN movement and established its flagship students-led program "The UN Model - the New Silk Road". In May 2018, Al-Farabi KazNU has launched the Ban Ki-moon Institute for Sustainable Development to coordinate all teaching and research activities of researchers and teaching staff in the area of sustainable development and green economy.

The University is a member of the following international organizations:  the International Association of Universities, European Society for Engineering Education, the international Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience and International Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence, and the Indo-US Collaboration for Engineering Education.

The University has established “Al-Farabi” centers in different countries all over the world, e.g. in Shahid Beheshti University (Iran), Tsukuba University (Japan), Beijing University of Foreign Studies and Shanghai University of Foreign Studies ​​(PRC), Istanbul University (Turkey), Jordan University (Jordan), University of Rostock (Germany), University of Karachi (Pakistan), Cairo University (Egypt), Belgorod State University (Russia) and Museum houses of Al-Farabi in Turkey and India.

In 2019, Al-Farabi KazNU once again successfully passed institutional accreditation. Over the course of many years, the university has been constantly ranked first among higher educational institutions of our country, based on the results of the general ranking of higher educational institutions according to the version of the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Ranking (IAAR) and the Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (IQAA).

Al-Farabi KazNU collaborates with international accreditation agencies such as ASIIN, ACQUIN, AQA and FIBAA. Once every three years, educational programs undergo an international accreditation. A number of educational programs of the university were awarded the European Quality Mark “Euro Label”.

In 2018, KazNU took the 10th place among the 200 universities within the Eastern Europe and Central Asia according to the QS University Rankings (QS University Rankings EECA 2018). According to the results of QS "WUR by Subject" ranking, the university entered the group of 101-150 of the best higher educational institutions in the world for the "Modern Linguistics" educational program.

KazNU takes 172nd place among 700 higher educational institutions from 78 countries in the global ranking by "UI Green Metric Ranking of World Universities", which assesses environmental credentials of universities.

According to the reputable world ranking “Times Higher Education” (THE), the university has entered the group of 201-250 best universities in developing countries. This ranking considers such indicators as effectiveness of scientific and educational activities, capacity of the faculty staff, quality of research and studies being conducted, number of scientific publications and citation index, as well as results of international cooperation.

Al-Farabi KazNU is the first higher educational institution in Central Asia, which ranked 251 among 500 universities in the QS Graduate Employability Rankings. This ranking is based on assessment of a university reputation among employers, of professional achievements of its graduates, of partnerships with employers, of organization of interaction between employers and students, and of its graduate employment rate.

In 2015 the university established a new faculty – Faculty of Medicine – Higher School of Public health. In 2018, because of challenges of digitalization two departments of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics were transformed into the separate Faculty of Information Technologies.

Nowadays, Al-Farabi KazNU has 16 schools, which offer 113 BA, 250 MA and 112 PhD educational programs in engineering, natural sciences, humanitarian and social sciences, medical sciences and economics. Also 4 Educational programs in MBA are available. KazNU enrolls the largest cohort of students in Kazakhstanm on its campus in downtown Almaty City, overlooking the gorgeous mountains of Alatau. KazNU students showed the best results in Beijing-2008, London-2012 and Rio-2016 Olympic game Games.


Educational programmes:

Undergraduate – https://welcome.kaznu.kz/ru/education_programs/bachelor/    

Master’s https://welcome.kaznu.kz/ru/education_programs/magistracy

Doctoral https://welcome.kaznu.kz/ru/education_programs/doctorate/


Al-Farabi KazNU covers a wide spectrum of fundamental and applied research which are conducted at 8 research institutes, 25 centers, 2 National Level Labs and in Regional Technopark. In 2019 the university plans to install a supercomputer – the largest in the Central Asian region. 

At the present time Al-Farabi KazNU is an intellectual corporation with a scientific and innovative infrastructure, meeting to advanced world analogues and consisting of 16 faculties, 8 research institutes, including the Center of Physico-Chemical Methods of Research and Analysis, the Science and Technology Park, and the National Nanotechnology Open Laboratory, more than 20 institutes and research centers of socio-humanitarian profile, the Business Incubator, the Commercialization Office and small innovative enterprises.

Having a well-developed scientific and innovative infrastructure, KazNU has achieved significant success in implementing the principle “from idea to commercialization of product”, requiring new development models from universities.

The university successfully operates the Cluster of engineering and high technologies, which includes the Science and Technology Park, the Center for Process Innovations and the Center for “Green Technologies”. One of the current areas of the cluster is an activity of the laboratory for creation of artificial satellites and design and launch of small satellites, the result of which was the launch of the Kazakh nanosatellites “Al-Farabi-1” and “Al-Farabi-2” into space, which were created on the basis of the university.

Together with the Scientific Research Institute of Aerospace Information of the Academy of Sciences of the People's Republic of China, the Center for Remote Sensing of the Earth with a virtual receiving station was created on the basis of KazNU for the first time in Kazakhstan, in order to carry out aerial and satellite surveys, spectrometry and hyperspectral imaging, etc.

Realizing the idea of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev, the university continues to work on the creation of the international IT-technology park "Alliance of Universities of the New Silk Road" according to the Silicon Valley model. In September 2019, important interstate documents were signed between the Governments of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the PRC, including an agreement on cooperation to provide KazNU with a supercomputer included in the TOP-500 in computing power as the Government grant of the PRC.

In the year of celebrating the 1150th anniversary of the great thinker Al-Farabi, with the approval of Elbasy N.A. Nazarbayev and the support of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan K.-Zh. Tokaev, the project on creation the Al-Farabi Scientific and Technological Valley was launched on the basis of KazNU, where the IT-Technopark, Innovation and Biomedical Clusters, laboratories, pilot plants and design bureaus will be located in the territory of more than 85 hectares.

The project of the Al-Farabi Science and Technology Valley, supported by UNESCO, ISESCO and OIC, as a single space with a unique environment uniting scientists and entrepreneurs, will become a model of a new method of science management, focused on commercialization of scientific developments and based on the principles of scientific self-government and economic self-sufficiency, which will attract investment, give a powerful impetus to the development of science and technology and, in general, increase the level of higher education.

 The digital campus of KazNU is: an information and communication platform, with a developed transport communication highway for data transmission; a single entry point into a single information and educational environment for access to key information resources and services of a scientific and educational nature; integrated security system at the level of IT resources and IT infrastructure. The IT infrastructure of KazNU is a system of integrated and interconnected functioning of the University’s automated information technologies: data processing center (DPC); computer network topology "star with an intellectual center" (256 subnets); 100% coverage by wifi network; Information security system; server infrastructure clustering based on virtualization and cloud technologies; modernization of computing resources of computer classes based on modern cloud technologies; modernization of the computer equipment park, and technical and technological equipment of the classroom fund; corporate centralized system of corridor printing in the online / offline mode; situational monitoring center: intelligent video surveillance system and access control system; online video conferencing, distance learning systems, Global-classroom; University IP-TV and online broadcasting information content.

Today KazNU educates young people - the patriots of their country, who will determine the future of Kazakhstan tomorrow. The principle of social partnership is actively implemented in KazNU and it defines the self­regulating nature of the relationship among the team members. On the basis of this principle, the students, along with the faculty and university administration act as equal partners, participating in all university processes and sharing responsibility for the achievement of common goals.

As one of the mechanisms on partnership relations management, there are realized the most important documents at the university as  Code of Corporate Culture of the faculty and staff, code of honor of KazNU students, Regulating on KazNU teaching staff and students.

The University has a Committee of Youth Organizations, an association of all student organizations and interest clubs. The club forms of working with students allow channeling the energy of students in a positive direction. Such activity is widely used in the best universities in the world, and today is being promoted in KazNU. There are 250 students' clubs functioning at KazNU and more than half of the students of the university are actively involved in their work. These are patriotic clubs, professional and scientific clubs, amateur clubs, sports clubs, school leadership, social and educational ones.

At the beginning of the academic year, a "Fair of organizations" is held for students of KazNU.

The Student Bureau of the Bologna Process is an organization that is engaged in protecting students' rights and providing support in solving academic problems. The priority for the organization is the trust of students. Bureau strives to organize a policy of openness for comments and suggestions concerning the quality of education in the university.

 Public association "Trade union of students "Sunkar" is a voluntary, self-reliant, independent, fixed and the individual member of a public non-governmental association established based on free will and professional interests of the citizens for the realization of the rights and legitimate interests: timely payment stipulated by the law of scholarships and grants; creation of a healthy and safe learning environment work; creation of conditions for creative and productive work and learning; creating opportunities for health care, treatment and rest, to improve living conditions; provision of employment policy.

The Senate of KazNU is an organization uniting advanced, creative, patriotic young people and innovative social projects. The purpose of the students' Senate is to represent the interests of students to the university administration, strengthening and improving the image of the University in the interuniversity, national and international levels, the organization of the systematic work and activities in priority functional areas of public life, promote self-fulfillment and the development of managerial skills among students, increasing the effectiveness of the educational process at the university, the formation of active life and citizenship of students, promotion of healthy lifestyles, the organization of systematic work to improve the mechanisms of the student government at the level of the faculty and the university.

The main objective of the Supreme council of student dormitories keeps order and purity of the hostel, also to arrange actions, (in the sphere of sport, debate on various subjects, entertaining evenings) competitions to interest students and to make life in the hostel brighter and saturated. The Supreme Student Council makes the significant contribution in development of spiritual patriotism in students, their formation, as the responsible person.

"Komek" is a community of students created on the basis of the university. It has been organizing volunteer work to assist socially vulnerable groups of the population.
In addition to charity, volunteers also organize sports and cultural events, participate in environmental projects.

Scientific Student’s Society is a voluntary public organization designed to fully improve students' methodological training, develop their creative thinking and research skills and promote the study of the basics of organizing and conducting research. The scientific work of students is carried out in close connection with the educational process, scientific, innovation and inventive work of the university.

Student club "Sanaly Urpaq". The objective of the Project is the eradication of corruption in the education system, the formation of an environment of universal rejection of corruption through the education system, patriotic and competitive youth aimed at living in Kazakhstan free of corruption.

The ART Center of KazNU is a launching pad for the development and improvement of creative cooperation between students. The objectives of the center: to attract attention and stimulate students to develop creative cooperation; to improve the quality of the cultural the environment of the university; support of young creative students; hold events at various levels.

The youth organization «Jas Otan» supports the political platform of «Nur Otan» People’s Democratic Party. The goal of the «Jas Otan» is to create a strong and credible political youth organization capable of leading the youth.

In recent years, KazNU has been claimed as an undisputable leader in the field of students' sports. University students have become repeated winners of Universiades among universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Also, they took part and became winners of the Olympic Games, Student Universiades, international competitions and championships and many others.

Innovative Social Programs carried out in the university are aimed to improve students' life quality, development of moral values and ethical standards.

The purpose of the project “University outside corruption”: to prevent KazNU. al-Farabi of any corruption phenomena by creating a social environment intolerant to corruption and introducing anti-corruption technologies.

In the frames of the project «100 books», there was established a unique discussion platform for consideration of a must-read book list for university students.

The movement "KazNU - GREEN CAMPUS» has gained an enormous breadth which is aimed at supporting of students' environmental initiatives.

The goal of the project "The Cult of a healthybody" is tofoster a healthy lifestyle culture through the formation of a cult of a healthybeautiful body.


COVID-19 Information: 

1) Campus admission open days/tours?
During the COVID-19 crisis, our admissions staff is fully available and reachable. Our Call Center representatives are available for phone calls at + 7 (727) 377-33-33 from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday-Friday.
Our campus 3D tour is available on http://3dtour.kaznu.kz/.  Applicants are welcome to see faculty and departments’ profiles and pages. According to the request some additional virtual tours could be organized and conducted in on-line mode.

2) How to contact the university
Al-Farabi Kazakh National University has simplified admission of foreign applicants for BA, MA and PhD doctoral programs. Applications are submitted all year-round  and admission is carried out 2 times a year, 5 days before beginning of the semester according to the academic calendar. The whole process of receiving documents is automated and carried out in a specially-developed application - http://welcome.kaznu.kz/ru/welcome/foreign;

Applicants are welcome for registration at http://foreign.kaznu.kz/ru/main/reg and get access to the online application form in the “Online Registration” on the section of the Personal Account. 

3) Cancelled exams 
The University supports all of the applicants whose exams were canceled. Entrance exams are conducting in on-line mode via Skype (Zoom and other platforms are also available) and could be easily scheduled and rescheduled according to the request. The system is flexible and supportive for applicants.

Currents semester exams and the whole educational process has been transformed into distance mode and implemented through the several information and educational systems:

4) English-language test
University is flexible to applicants who unable pass English-language test or exams and organize online interview via Skype. As the University conducts two entrance exams- language and profile (subject) exam, conducting interview in English or other languages on the subject could be enough for admission.

 In case when the proper English language certificates are obliged, applicants are given postponement till the moment it will be possible. So they may provide English language certificates later.

5)   Visa applications 
All of the applicants are provided by the visas. In case when visas are delayed, University contacts Embassies and Consulates with the request for supporting applicants. In some cases visas are prolonged. These cases are very random and usually it is not an issue for applicants.      

6)   Restrictions
Applications are accepting all year-round and no restrictions entered. International applicant follows the usual rules and at the moment they are free to submit documents online. http://welcome.kaznu.kz/ru/welcome/foreign;

7) Accommodation
Applicants after enrolling in the University are offered two main options regarding their accommodation – campus dorms and private hostels (which have agreement with University on providing accommodation to al-Farabi students). Campus dorms and out campus hostels have all of the necessary facilities to provide students good conditions for educational process.

8)  Any changes to entry requirements        
University has no changes to entry requirements and the list of the documents is available at the University website


Al-Farabi KazNU since 2018 has simplified the admission of foreign applicants for bachelor, master and PhD doctoral studies. Applicants are admitted year-round, and admission is carried out 2 times a year 5 days before the start of the semester. Online platform: https://welcome.kaznu.kz/ru/welcome/foreign;

Thanks to the online system, the time of submission and receipt of documents is significantly reduced, there are no administrative barriers to their registration, there is no need for arrival, which significantly saves money. Another great advantage of the online document reception system allows foreign applicants to apply to the university directly, regardless of their location.

After submission of documents and successful registration, applicants from countries of near and far abroad receive confirmation and can be enrolled in a university remotely.

The applicants should register at https://foreign.kaznu.kz/ru/main/reg and get access to the online application form in the “Online Registration” on the section of the Personal Account.

 Only 5 STEPS for admission to our university:

 STEP 1. Online Registration. Register on the portal https://foreign.kaznu.kz/en/main/reg and get access to the online application form in the "Online Registration" section of the Personal Account.

 STEP 2. Fill out the form on your section of the “Personal Account” and submit the required documents:

1. Copy of passport (original after receipt)
2. A copy of the diploma (with an apostil) + (bring the original after receipt)
3. Transcript of diploma
4. Choose a specialty
5. A copy of the IELTS or TOEFL certificate if available (for graduate and PhD doctoral studies)

 STEP 3. Pass Competitive Selection. Online exam. (Interview). For applicants - online interview will be enough. 

 STEP 4. Announcing Results and registration of a study visa.  After of successful completion of entrance exams, you submit the required documents for the Education VISA:

1. The deal of Education contract

2. Pay of a deposit of 20% of the total amount of Education payment to the University account.

3. Fill out the VISA application form.

4. Pay the application VISA fee - 2000 tenge KZT ≈ $ 6 USD

 STEP 5. Arrival at the university and submission of documents. After arriving at our university, you will need to provide the following documents (in 3 copies):

1. Conclusion of education contract (if not yet concluded)

2. Original documents (diploma + transcript)
3. Notarized translation of passport and certificate / diploma + transcript into Kazakh or Russian (in 3 copies)

- Bachelor degree (BSc / BA): certificate of secondary education

- Master (MSc / MA): Bachelor's Degree

- PhD Doctoral: Master's degree (original), bachelor's degree (copy notary certified), certificate of secondary education

(Diplomas must be with an apostil)

Verify the translation at the notary of the passport into Kazakh or Russian

4. Tuition fees

5. Certificate (certificate) indicating the absence of HIV infection

6. Medical certificate 086-U

7. Six photos of size 3x4 cm.


Notice: Documents, translations and notary certification of documents must be in 3 copies.

In case of problems with registration, please write to the email address: [email protected]

Education is provided in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English. If the applicant does not know one of the languages, then automatically is enrolled in the preparatory faculty

The university considers successful employment of graduates as the main indicator of the efficiency of its educational activities. In order to ensure competitiveness and demand for KazNU graduates, the university encourages long-term multilateral cooperation with employers for maintaining the relevance of educational programs’ content to demands of the labor market; attracts practical trainers from employers’ community for conducting study sessions, including those taken on the base of external organizations, and for participation in final attestation of graduates.

To facilitate employment of graduates there is the Career and Professional Development Center, which ensures involvement of employers to conducting various events at the university with the aim of informing students and graduates of KazNU about opportunities for job placement and professional internships.

Faculties provide constant connection with the labor market through the Councils of Employers, formed of the faculty graduates. The faculty administration determines independently the authority and the activity plan for the Council of Employers, based on current and strategic goals of the faculty.

Students and graduates of the university have the opportunity to submit their CVs for consideration by potential employers, and to get information about available job proposals through the corporate "Youth and Career" portal.

University Highlights

Total students - 22,021


International students - 3,262


Total faculty staff - 4,156


Total students - 22,021


International students - 3,262


Total faculty staff - 4,156

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