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Educational Psychology (MEd) (Taught)

Educational Psychology (MEd) (Taught)

  • QS World University Rankings
  • Degree Other
  • Study Level Masters
  • Subject Psychology
  • Duration 24 months

others shortlisted this program

others shortlisted this program

All Educational Psychology focus areas share foundational courses in learning, development, and measurement. Each focus area builds on this foundation with additional courses, faculty supervision, and culminating theses or projects. This specialization provides externally identifiable areas of expertise as well as programs of study that can flexibly meet individual career goals. We currently offer three Educational Psychology focus areas: Learning, Development and Instructional Sciences, Measurement, Evaluation and Computer Applications, AND Special Education. The university aims to deliver a high quality learning environment that embeds intellectual curiosity, innovation and best practice in learning, teaching and student support to enable students to achieve their full academic potential. 

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