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6,000 USD - 8,000 USD

Flexible degree structures and a wide range of subjects

To help students prepare for the workplace and become more employable, The University of Western Australia (UWA) offers five undergraduate degree types and 70 different majors:

Our undergraduate degrees  are highly flexible and allow you to combine subjects as you please. The University’s wide scope of majors encourages you to sample a range of subject areas before you decide on a specialisation for either your career or further studies.

Combine your undergraduate and postgraduate professional degrees

High-achieving school leavers who’ve already decided on a career path are encouraged to take advantage of UWA’s Direct Pathways packages, which combine an undergraduate degree with a postgraduate professional degree – the perfect option if you have a strong sense of the direction you wish to take.

Check out UWA’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts for live updates about the University and research being conducted.

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