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UNNOBA (National University of the North West of the Province of Buenos Aires) was organized in 2002. It is a state-run, national and free university that plays a leading role in the region. It has premises in Junin and Pergamino, two important cities in the pampas region, about 250 km away from Buenos Aires City.

UNNOBA comprises three Schools: The School of Agricultural, Natural and Environmental Sciences; the School of Technology and the School of Economics and Law; and two Institutes: the Institute of Human Development and the Institute of Graduate Studies.

UNNOBA is based in the heart of Argentina's farming area. It enrolls about 10,000 students from all Argentina. Since its organization, and making use of its setting, this University has gained a strategic position in Agricultural Sciences and Technology.

Consolidating its position as a host university in these strategic areas is one of UNNOBA’s main objectives.

The mission of the International Relations Office of UNNOBA is to foster mobility, relationships and cooperation with universities, research centers and international organizations engaged in higher education, teaching, research, knowledge and culture. It also offers personalized assistance for international students who are willing to come to UNNOBA.

UNNOBA has signed several agreements with prestigious higher education institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, United States, China and other countries in Asia, to promote mobility of undergraduate and graduate students, professors and researchers.

As part of the internationalization process, UNNOBA has joined the Association of Universities of Latin America and the Caribbean (UDUAL) and the Inter-American Organization for Higher Education (OUI-IOHE). In 2013, UNNOBA was granted international accreditation by RIEV-UDUAL. Since January 2018, the University has been part of the Montevideo Group Association for Universities (AUGM)

At national level, the University is an active member of the International Cooperation Network of National Universities (Red CIUN) , the Network of Buenos Aires Universities (RUNBO) and the Argentine Forum for International Education (FAEI) and National Universities Network for Internationalization and Regional Integration (Red UNIR).

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