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Montréal for students

Montréal is home to several of Canada's highest-ranking institutions, including McGill University (currently ranked 35th in the world and second in Canada) and the Université de Montréal (137th in the world, fifth in Canada).

The city has slipped two places in the 2019 edition of the QS Best Student Cities to sixth place. Despite this drop, it continues to be the highest-ranked city in North America.

Montréal performs well across five of the six indicators assessed, ranking within the top 50 for all of them except affordability.

The city is also a regular contender in lists of the world’s best places to live – and it seems students agree, with the city ranking 2nd in the student view indicator.

What’s your favorite thing about studying in Montréal? Share your experience.

Best universities in Montréal - QS Best Student Cities ranking: 6th

More about Montréal

Study in Montréal Overview

Number of universities ranked by QS


Highest-ranked institution

McGill University (joint 31st in the world)



Average international fees (at ranked unis)


Desirability rank


Employer Activity rank


Affordability rank


Student View rank


 To find out how each of the above categories is calculated, view the methodology.

Why study in Montréal?

Home to several world-class universities

Montréal contains three of the best universities in the world, including McGill University, which places joint 31st this year and is the oldest university in Montréal.

An international city

The city attracts students from all around the world and 29 percent of the city’s 100,100 students are international students.

Relatively low cost of living

Montréal has a lower cost of living than in other Canadian cities, such as Toronto, where prices are 24 percent higher than in Montréal. 

It’s a top choice for students

Montréal was the second-best city in the world for students this year according to the student view indicator, which is based on a student survey.

It’s a cultural and vibrant city

With museums, restaurants, parks and arts venues, there’s plenty for students to do after lectures.

Cost of studying in Montréal

Montreal ranks 68th in the affordability indicator this year, with tuition fees costing students around US$12,200 per year. 

According to Numbeo, a one bedroom apartment in Montréal’s city center will set you back around C$1,298.72  (approximately US$975). Prices in Montréal are approximately 24 percent lower than in Toronto.

If you’re in need of some financial support while studying in Montréal, we’ve rounded up a selection of scholarships for international students looking to study in Canada.

Life & culture in Montréal

Montréal is multicultural, multilingual and is widely referred to as Canada’s ‘culture capital’. The city is celebrated by students for its arts and culture, as well as for its friendliness and diversity.

As a French-speaking city in a largely English-speaking nation that has experienced mass immigration from across the world, Montréal is known for its multicultural makeup and inclusive ethos.

It’s also renowned for its laidback yet lively lifestyle, attractive boulevards, thriving creative industries, café culture, and eclectic range of arts venues, live performances and nightlife.

Career in Montréal

Montréal’s economy is one of the strongest in Canada, making prospects for graduates extremely positive. As a result, Montreal ranks 22nd in the employer activity indicator.

Popular industries across Montréal include aerospace, electronic goods, pharmaceuticals, software engineering, telecommunications, manufacturing and tourism.

To work in Montréal, you’ll need to obtain an open work permit or an employer-specific permit, which you can find out more on the Canadian government website

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Bonjour, je suis Morency Delin, originaire d'Haïti . J'ai besoin d'une bourse d'études en gestion de l'eau,ou en agroalimentaire.

Hello I'm interested in scholarship. Can I give scholarship?

I want that scholarship, give it to me

Canada and australia does not give Study Visa to pakistani then how can we go for study their.Fake Countries

Hi Iam Akar i have 8 years exprience in civil engineering construcion projects , i want to get master degree in your university ,.. Thanks

hello I.m interested in scholarship. Can I give scholarship?

Hi I am an HND holder in business administration but I wish to study bachelor of art in applied economics I need information on the cheapest university tuition and accommodation and how to go about registering working while studying is to be considered

Hello ,I'm interested in the scholarship program. I have diploma medical laboratory science and I will love to study nursing in Canada. Please I need assistance on how to go about it

Hello. My name is Khashayar Tabi. I have technical inspection masters degree in oil and gas field from Petroleum university of technology (PUT) in Iran looking forward to continue my study to PhD and more in canada. Is it possible to get help of how I can apply, what are the requirements and how to get fund. Thanks for any help .

Bonjour, actuellement en cours de préparer diplôme de technicienne spécialisée à la gestion des entreprises, et j'aimerais bien continuer ma lisence professionnelle en Montréal, vous pouvez dire comment puis-je m'inscrire à une de les universités cannadienne s'il vous plaît?

bonjour Basm, d'abord tu dois avoir l'excellence dans ton domain d'etude pour obtenir une bourse et aides financieres puis tu peux appliquer pour l'universite; et je sais bien que les cours a l'universite de montreal sont en francais; alors tu n'ai pas besoin d'avoir certificat de langue ou un diplome comme TCF ou DELF. pour plus d'informations tu peux me contacter. a bientot a montreal!!


hi guys, im a student in Sharif University of Technology in Iran, and i want to apply from a university in canada in computer science, i want to know what is the requirement and which universities and how i can do applying and how i can get fund.. thanks any helping

Hi Aziza, you can read about admission requirements, how to apply, and how to fund your studies in our complete guide on how to study abroad in Canada. To help you decide on a university, you could view our latest rankings by subject for computer science, with the results narrowed down to show only Canadian universities. Hope this helps!

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Pls I want to study fashion and design, which universities is the best,please

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Hi Adaobi, we don't currently rank fashion, but you can view our latest subject ranking for design here (the results can be narrowed down to show only Canadian universities). 

Hi. I want to know which university is best in Canada for studying engineering and doing part time some job as well

Hi daish plz inform me about engineering universtiee in Canada

Can you help me!! I want same thing.. Know more about the architecture engineering university in canda

Hi Malath, please take a look at our latest architecture ranking (the results can be narrowed down to show only Canadian institutions). 

Hi Danish, you can view our latest rankings by subject for engineering and technology here (the results can be narrowed down by country to show only Canadian universities). I'm not sure which universities are best for part-time jobs, but you can get information on studying in Canada during or after your studies here. Hope this helps!

Ok if jest louk i need help

Hi Laura which country is best for masters in biology ,Canada or Germany

Hi Satya, I'm not sure which country is best, but if you check the latest rankings by subject for biological sciences you can see that there are 38 German universities in the ranking and 20 Canadian universities. However, although Canada has a fewer number of ranked universities, its first three universities are ranked higher for biological sciences. 

iam going to concordia univeristy so excited

Hi Yin, congratulations! Hope you have a great time studying there. :)

I have started a bachelors in legal assisting. I would like to know how I can finish in a Canadian university. I have my high school diploma, but I never finished my bachelors degree. Could you guide me on this?

how can i signe in cannadian university please , i have a diploma in business english in tunisia

guide me . I am looking forward to apply for this place .

Hi Satnam, our complete guide on how to study abroad in Canada should help to get you started. 

Good Afternoon lucky Canadian citizens.

I want to tell you that I always wanted to go there, study, work or maybe also live in that beautiful place. Now that I'm about to get my bachelor's degree I finally can apply for a scholarship or even a student loan but so far I haven't find anything.

If someone can give me any information please reach me. Maybe you don't have the information for that but you may have tips for me like what are the best places to be, what to do, what to avoid... anyway, I'll be waiting for any information you are willing to provide me.

Thank you!

hi dear Laura Tucker :-)
i have not get ane response from you so far :-)
i talk about the post that i sent you 5 days ago here :-(

hi dear Laura Tucker
i am mahsa.i am going to immigrate to motreal-quebec less than 5 months later.
i am computer engineer.frankly ,i work as a software programmer(.net,c#,asp.net,sql server ,..).i have about 7 years experience in my job.
now i really need your help.
i have proceeded to immigrate to quebec through quebec-skilled workers.
and i have heard that through this way,quebec give some scholarships to the immigrants .i planded to go to collage .but after talkinh to some of my friends there i concluded that maybe it is much more logical to find a job first.because according my researches there are alot of opportunities in IT in montreal.
by the way,i am a little confused and i do not know which way is better for me :
first go t the collage for 1,2 years and then find a job or start to find a job directly since i arrive there.
i found you the best one to answer my question :-)
thank you so much again.
looking forward to your reply

I am marwan from algeria I study Information and Communication Technology I want to complet my education in Montréal I hava master Degre

Hi Marwan, we have a subject ranking of the top universities in Canada for computer science and information systems, as well as a guide to the top universities in Quebec (the region where Montréal is located). For more information see our country guide. Laura