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Wroclaw for students

Wroclaw is the capital of Lower Silesia and is often dubbed ‘the Meeting Place’ of Poland. Located in western Poland on the banks of the Oder river, Wroclaw is home to over one million people, and as a result is the fourth largest city in Poland. 

The city ranks 117th in the world in the QS Best Student Cities ranking

Wroclaw currently has two world class universities featured in the QS World University Rankings®Wrocław University of Science and Technology and University of Wroclaw. Both institutions are notable for their very high research output. 

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Best universities in Wroclaw - QS Best Student Cities ranking: 117th  

World Ranking



Wrocław University of Science and Technology


University of Wroclaw

More about Wroclaw

Home to two world leading universities, Wroclaw earns its highest score in the affordability indicator this year, where it places 16th in the world. Although the cost of living in the city is relatively low, Riga’s high score for affordability can be credited to the universities’ tuition fees, which are free for international students.

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Highest-ranked institution

Wrocław University of Science and Technology (ranked 801-1000)



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Why study in Wroclaw?

A cultural hub

With numerous theatres, a concert hall, galleries, museums and film festivals, there’s no better place to be if you’re looking for a city with culture.

It’s full of color

Many of the buildings in Wroclaw’s old town are painted in bright colors, which bring light to even the gloomiest days and really help bring the city to life. 

It’s very affordable

Ranking 16th in the world for affordability this year, Wroclaw is one of the cheapest student cities. Tuition costs nothing for international students who are studying a course in Polish.

The architecture

Wroclaw boasts some of the most beautiful medieval architecture in Poland, particularly in its Old Town.

Cost of studying in Wroclaw

Those who are interested in studying in Wroclaw will be pleased to know the city ranks 16th in the world for affordability.

Tuition fees in Poland are free for Polish citizens, but international students can still benefit from this policy if they study a course taught in the Polish language and sit the same entrance exams as Polish students. 

Numbeo estimates that a single person living in the city would need around US$602 per month for living expenses, plus an additional US$735 for rent. 

Life and culture in Wroclaw

With charming parks, captivating churches and a comprehensive network of bridges and islands, it’s unsurprising that Wroclaw performs well in the ranking’s desirability indicator, placing in the world’s top 100.

Visiting the city’s market square is a must, with a plethora of cafes, restaurants and shops to explore. There are also plenty of events going on throughout the year, so you’ll always find something new to do in between lectures.

Ostrów Tumski is the oldest part of the city, dating back to the 10th century. Walking around this part of the city you will find the beautiful Gothic Cathedral, gardens, the Church of St Giles and picturesque bridges. 

The medieval market square, Rynek, is one of the most stunning town squares in all of Europe. With the buildings painted in bright colors, it’s certainly eye-catching. 

Another part of Wroclaw’s architecture that’s worth visiting is the Cathedral of St John the Baptist. Built in medieval times, this cathedral was Poland’s first brick building.

Careers in Wroclaw

This social city also has plenty of opportunities for graduates who decide to stay in the city, with a great deal of international firms setting up offices here, including Nokia, IBM, Hewlett Packard and Google, many of whom look to recruit Wroclaw graduates directly.

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