How would YOU consider ranking universities differently?

I really appreciate the QS Rankings system, so this isn't a means to knock their methodology or anything. But sometimes I think the ranking of universities would be interesting along other types of criteria. Maybe I'm admittedly a bit of a hippie, but there are things I look for in a university such as how socially progressive they are, their adoption of environmentally responsible practices, how controversial and independent they allow their professors to be.

I'm currently doing Chartered Accountancy from ICAP i have cleared Module A ,B,C and 2 papers of module D following are the papers which i have passed till now.

1.Quantitative methods
2.Functional English
4.Financial Accounting I
5.Mercantile law
6.Business communication and behavioural studies
7.Taxation (Pakistan based)
8.Financial Accounting 2
9.Informational technology
10.Company law (Pakistan Based)

now my plan is to do masters in accounting and finance from a german university , will any of those universities give me Exemptions for relevant subjects which i have already passed here? looking forward to your early response.

I have Done BSC in Enlectrical Engineering with 2.2 CGPA Is there any uni in germany which gives admission IN MSC Engineering

Hi Malik. Yes, lots! As a starting point, why not visit the QS World University Rankings by Faculty to see which German universities come out top for engineering & technology subjects? You can filter the results by country. This may give you some ideas, and you can then do some more research into the specific programs on offer.

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