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TOPUNIVERSITIES student advice by date
How to Enjoy a Socially Distanced Halloween on Campus  main image
23 Oct 2020
Worried coronavirus is going to ruin your Halloween? Here’s seven ways you can enjoy Halloween in lockdown. Don’t worry, only one of them involves Zoom calls.
Should you try to improve yourself in quarantine?
27 Apr 2020
Is quarantine a time to work on your goals or a time to relax?
Five Children’s Books all Students Should Read main image
02 Apr 2020
Think children's literature is just for kids? Think again. Discover five of the best children's books all students will enjoy.
TOPUNIVERSITIES student advice by date
working from home
17 Mar 2020
Read our top tips for staying motivated while working from home.
How Can You Look After Your Mental Health at University? main image
05 Mar 2020
Find out what speakers at the Scape ‘Why Mind Matters’ discussion panel have to say about looking after your mental health at university.
How to Start Planning Your Summer Vacation
17 Feb 2020
Struggling to decide what to do on your summer break? Get a headstart on holiday planning with our handy tips!
7 Podcasts to Listen to If You’re a Marketing Student main image
21 Jan 2020
Podcasts are sure to be an integral part the future of marketing – and if you’re a marketing student, these are the podcasts you should be listening to right now!
How to Survive a Night Out in Dry January main image
07 Jan 2020
If you’re doing Dry January this year, find out how to enjoy your night out without drinking alcohol!