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6 Ways Studying International Relations Could Help You Change the World

6 Ways Studying International Relations Could Help You Change the World main image

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Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past year or unwittingly cancelled your TV and internet subscription, you’ve probably noticed the world isn’t doing particularly well at the moment.

From the rise of the far-right in Europe and America to a refugee crisis of unprecedented proportions, tragic and troubling news stories have become all too common.

Fortunately, with the right training, you could help combat injustices worldwide.

Here are 6 ways undertaking an online MA in International Relations could help you make a positive impact.   

1. Your sophisticated understanding of global issues will be second to none

The best international relations courses expose you to a wide range of issues, ensuring you’ll never be lost for words next time you’re talking to friends about global affairs. Nottingham Trent University runs an online Master of Arts in International Relations degree which explores a full range of global issues, including women and global movements, the political economy of under-development, and challenges to international security in the Asia-Pacific. Extensive knowledge of these global issues will help prepare you to work in areas of the world where your assistance might be needed to combat injustices. Read more about the course here.

2. You’ll think about the world around you in a smarter way

The world needs people who are capable of approaching problems critically and solving them. Fortunately, a master's in international relations is more about teaching you how to think, rather than what to think.

In studying international relations theory, you’ll learn how to auto-assess and critique your own ideological baggage, so you can identify the assumptions and unconscious biases which affect the way you interpret global issues. On the International Relations Theory module at Nottingham Trent University, you would be trained to abandon cultural bias to resolve complex global political situations through high-level independent analysis.

3. You could end up with a job that directly influences government policy…

With a master's in international relations, you could work in policy for a think tank, a pressure group, a public policy consultancy, a political party, trade unions or a charity. Wherever you go, you’ll be making a tangible difference in a broad range of areas, including, but not limited to, climate change, terrorism, immigration and international aid and development.  

4. Your work will have a positive impact on the poorest and most vulnerable

The world is deeply unequal, with a large number of countries still struggling with extreme poverty, child mortality, and diseases such as HIV. If you want to get involved and eradicate some of these critical issues, a master's in international relations could prepare you for roles within the international development sector.

5. You’ll be able to face the facts in a post-truth era

2017 needs bright minds who aren’t afraid to shout the truth. Last year, misinformation became so prevalent that the Oxford Dictionary’s word of 2016 was post-truth. Fake news has split up communities, paving the way for terrible crimes against humanity and the abnegation of basic human rights. Orwell said it best in his incredibly prescient novel 1984: “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”  Fortunately, the course at Nottingham Trent will both make you more aware of global issues and increase your understanding of the research methodologies behind the facts.

6. Your specialism is already waiting for you, whether you realize it or not

Enrolling to study a master's in international relations could help you find your niche area. By exploring many global issues which make up the course syllabus, you’ll be in a much better place to change the world around you.  

Convinced but can’t quit your job? Check out the online Master of Arts in International Relations at Nottingham Trent University and study at a time and place convenient for you!

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