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BA in Independent Interdisciplinary Major (IIM)

BA in Independent Interdisciplinary Major (IIM)

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  • Degree BA
  • Study Level Bachelors
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An independent interdisciplinary major (IIM) offers students with interdisciplinary intellectual interests the opportunity to design a course of study not available in the regular curriculum. Each IIM is designed around a topic, theme, issue, or set of questions that cannot be adequately addressed within the context of existing majors or minors. A proven record of academic achievement, seriousness of purpose, and intellectual curiosity are prerequisites for this endeavor. The skills necessary to pursue an IIM include the ability to work independently, to analyze and synthesize materials from different disciplines, and to work one-on-one in sustained dialogue with faculty members. An IIM must be designed in collaboration with three faculty members from at least two, preferably three, different departments. Although it is acceptable to have faculty from the International Business School or the Heller School, the primary adviser must be a faculty member from the College of Arts and Sciences. Students must present and receive approval of a proposal no later than the end of their junior year. The proposal should describe the role each potential course plays in their curriculum and how the various courses relate to one another. In addition to discussing their intellectual, academic, and career goals, students must address why designing an IIM is more desirable than completing two separate majors or a combination of major and minor. The proposal consists of four parts: the proposed curriculum forms, a proposal statement no longer than three pages in length, a letter of endorsement signed by all three members of the faculty committee, and evidence of comparable majors offered at other colleges and universities. The proposal will ultimately be reviewed by faculty members from the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC) and the Committee on Academic Standing (COAS), which meets during the second half of each semester. This group will evaluate the proposal and make recommendations to the UCC, which grants final approval of all IIM proposals.

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