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Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

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The idea of founding an Estonian establishment of musical education emerged on the eve of World War I. It began in the form of a mixed choir of the Estonian Society Musical Department (EMD). The assembly of the Estonia Society then decided on November 17, 1918, to create the Tallinn Higher Music School, the opening ceremony of which took place on September 28, 1919, in the Estonia Concert Hall. From 1919–1923 the Principal of the school was Mihkel Lüdig. In 1923 the educational institution was renamed Tallinn Conservatoire. In 1925 the school’s administrators adopted new bylaws, and in keeping with these changes the school elected an official slate of professors: R. Bööcke, A. Kapp, J. Paulsen, P. Ramul and A. Topman. Together with A. and Th. Lemba and J. Tamm, who had previously received their professorships from the St. The Development Plan is a strategic document that defines the role of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (the EAMT or the academy) in society, its mission, goals and activities for 2010-2015. In the case of a shorter time period or more specialized areas of activity, specific activity plans shall be developed based on the positions in the development plan.

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