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GBSB Global Business School

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GBSB Global Business School is an internationally accredited business school in Spain that provides business education in English to students from around the world and prepares future graduates to launch a successful career globally.

GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona and Madrid supports high standards in business education validated by numerous international accreditation bodies such as ASIC, ECBE, ACBSP, ACCA. The institution is recognized for applying an innovative approach by using learning-by-doing, design thinking, simulation business games and practical company visits in the learning process.

Moreover, the business school appreciates the individual approach fostering student-centered active learning lead-up in small classes. One of our core values is to educate people who think globally, able to work in cross-cultural teams. The business school pays high attention to the digitalization and innovation trends of business.

On one hand, GBSB Global itself is a good example of digital company and was recognized by Microsoft as a leader in digital education and accredited as a showcase school. On the other, it implements digital courses in each program showing students how modern trends drive business transformation. The institution focuses on collaboration with organizations providing professional certification, such as ACCA and Microsoft or high-tech companies deploying smart tools assisting in preparation of presentations or analytics, such as “think-cell” and “Power-user SAS”. The knowledge of different working tools helps students solve working tasks faster and be competitive on a labor market.

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