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B.A. in Biology

B.A. in Biology

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The Johns Hopkins Department of Biology offers a rigorous undergraduate program leading to either a BA degree, as well as a five-year program leading to a combined bachelor’s/master’s degree. The program guides students as they develop a detailed, nuanced view of biology, integrating knowledge at the molecular, cellular, and organismal levels.Students receiving BA degrees in biology should: Have acquired the knowledge and skills necessary for success in graduate programs in biological sciences or in professional (medical, dental, veterinary, nursing) school; Understand scientific techniques used to define biological principles, distinguish among these techniques to select one appropriate to answer the question posed, and be able to design an experiment including selecting controls, recording observations, and drawing conclusions based on experimental results; Be able to analyze and answer biologically relevant problems through the successful application of quantitative and analytical methods; Know the basic building blocks of biological macromolecules; be familiar with cellular processes and understand the subcellular and cellular organization of eukaryotic cells, including cytoskeleton and organelles; and possess knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of living organisms; Be able to distinguish between the genetic organization and gene expression of viruses, prokaryotes, and eukaryotes, and describe the mechanisms of inheritance and evolution; Be capable of describing the organization and development of major organ systems in mammals and other organisms, and outlining the roles of gene expression and cell-cell communication in development.