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Merdeka University Malang

65146 1964 Jalan Trs. Raya Dieng 62-64 Malang View map


The University of Merdeka Malang was created in 1964 and since the beginning, the institution has followed its mission of becoming the center of knowledge and technology development, entrepreneurship and human resource development. It is important to mention that the University of Merdeka Malang is the oldest university in East Java, as well as an institution which has a well-established reputation of offering qualified education.

The most important value that defines The University of Merdeka Malang's philosophy is maintaining the national ideology. The institution's main objective is to educate the graduates to acquire entrepreneurship skills to create job opportunities not only for themselves but also for other people as well as provide supervision for small-scale business development.

To acccelarate realization of the goals, therefore, strategic targets, programs which employ information technology and communication advancement, and cooperation network with many related parties in both domestic and overseas scope were formulated based on equality principles.

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