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Middle Technical University

Muasker Al Rashid Street Baghdad,


TheMiddle technical University (MTU) founded in 2014, including three maincampuses in Baghdad. The main campus is the campus of Al-Hikma University  – "The Wisdom University (1956)” inBaghdad. MTU also has additional campuses in four other provinces.

The story begins in 2014 when the Foundation ofTechnical Education divided into four technical universities: Northern, Middle,Middle Euphrates, and Southern Technical Universities. The University has 5Technical collages, 11 Technical institutes and one continues learning center. It represents more than a third of thetechnical universities in Iraq, so itis considered the largest of the four technical universities in Iraq. The University graduatedscientific technical staff at the level of technical diploma, technicalbachelor, technical masters and doctorate. The MTU consists of five majordisciplines (Health & Medical, Engineering, Administration, Applied Arts,and Agriculture). These disciplines contain 78 sub-specialties.

MTU is proud to accept the challenge of takingtechnical education to a new level in Iraq, a level that encompassesinterdisciplinary techniques. We are working on developing our curricular andtraining plans to comply with this ambitious target and expect to complete thismission within the proposed time frame. 

The MTU vision is to leadership and excellence in thefield of technical education and scientific research which concern for itsquality for building a knowledge society. The MTU seeks to improve itspostgraduates and faculty staff to get their Masters and PhD s degrees from highranking world universities in UK & European Union, US, and Australia.

The MTU has a lot of contracts with world companiesand councils. The First one was with the British Council for cooperation in capacitybuilding. The second was with UNIFOC that belongs to the United Nation inactivates of the world technical education, and also with TVET organizationthat belongs to UNISCO and with IREX for building carrier developing center.

The main interest and aim of MTU is to serve thecommunity. Therefore, we are keen to encourage our staff and researchers toengage with community problems. Subsequent to this, we take on the task ofcommercializing the solutions to those problems as widely as we can.

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