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Sindh Agriculture University

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indh inherits the fertile Indus Valley, which is well known for its glorious past. The excavation of Moen-Jo-Daro talks about prosperity of Sindh for the production of agricultural commodities in earliest times. Sindh province of Pakistan was a net exporter of food supplies to the entire Sub-continent during the nineteenth century. Located in the extreme south of Pakistan as one of the four provinces, Sindh presents a variety of soil and climatic conditions compatible for growing various cereal, fruit and vegetable crops and maintenance of a large livestock population.

Pakistan is one of the signatory countries of World Trade Organization (WTO). The agreements on Agriculture in the context of free trade world wide have increased the responsibilities of agricultural universities of the country to groom and motivate the youth specializing in different disciplines of agriculture by strengthening their efforts manifold to face the competition in agriculture trade and services world wide. The university faculty has to formulate a road map to combat the challenges that our farmers are anticipating under WTO regime. We are extremely conscious of our role in fulfilling these challenges.

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