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Universitas Hasanuddin

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Hasanuddin University (Unhas) is located in Makassar – the capital of the Indonesian province of South Sulawesi.

Hasanuddin University is one of the most prominent universities in Indonesia's eastern part for number of students and academic staff, the number of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, facilities, and research and publication outputs.

Universitas Hasanuddin is a center of excellence in developing human resources, science, technology, art, and culture influenced by Indonesia's status as a maritime nation. Moreover, the university is located in the center of the coral triangle, making the university one of Indonesia's best places or even in the world to study coral reefs and other marine ecosystems. 

Bahasa Indonesia is the primary language of teaching at Universitas Hasanuddin. The university also offers English-taught programs for several undergraduate and postgraduate international programs. 


To find out more about Hasanuddin University, you can visit its social media platforms: Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; YouTube.



Universitas Hasanuddin (Unhas) has two green campuses:

•Tamalanrea campus features the university’s 15 faculties and post-graduate program (13 international programs)

•Gowa campus is the new home for Unhas engineering school


Universitas Hasanuddin has a number of facilities and services for students to utilize:

•Center of Technology of UNHAS

•Teaching Hospital

•Teaching Forest

•Marine Field Station

•Teaching Aquaculture Pond

•Coral Center

•Maiwa Breeding Center

Students can utilize the following support systems: 

•SIKOLA-a Learning Management System of Universitas Hasanuddin

•NeoSIA- a Management information System of Universitas Hasanuddin


Find out more about the faculties at Universitas Hasanuddin here.


There are 1,427 international students (5 percent) at Hasanuddin University from 18 countries.

Students at Universitas Hasanuddin can enjoy a number of extrracurricular activities including (sport) football, basketball, choir, sport karate, dance, sport pencak silat, photography, journalism, scientific papers, and debating in English

Universitas Hasanuddin students live on-campus and off-campus. The university's student accommodation is located within the campus area, making it easier for students to access the campus. Besides, the price of student accommodation is more affordable, the facilities are adequate, equipped with additional facilities such as sports fields and supermarkets, and can be accessed by public transportation.


Typical admissions criteria for studentsis:

•A bachelor/master's degree with a minimum GPA 0f 3.00 out of 4.00 or equivalent

•Be proficient in English

•Demonstrate a commitment to their chosen field study


Extra documentation for international students:

•Valid passport

•Student visa

•Residence permit

•BIPA certificate (a certificate program for non-native speakers of the Indonesian language)


No extra fee applies to international students.

Scholarships are for international students. The scholarship will cover tuition fees, student accommodation, and monthly allowance with Indonesian standards.


Employability statistics for Universitas Hasanuddin offer an insight into career prospects following graduation. 

Of the Class of 2017 (1519 students), 20.8 percent found a job in one month, 2.8 percent in two months, 23 percent in three months, 2.2 percent in four months, 4 percent in five months, 35.9 percent in six month and 9.7 percent in over six months.

There are a number of career services available ay Universitas Hasanuddin.

Career Development Center offers career services to all current Universitas Hasanuddin students and recent alumni. The office assists with all career development phases, from choosing a major to getting an internship, job searching, applying to grad school, salary negotiation, and more. We also provide career assessments, various training, cover letter writing assistance, and mock interviews. 

The CDC conducts various classroom presentations, workshops, and large-scale events. 

CDC Unhas helps employers connect with Universitas Hasanuddin students and alumni by offering various job posting options.
Universitas Hasanuddin, through the Directorate of Alumni and Career Preparation, provides access and networking with the global alumni network. The CDC also has independent alumni organizations that have structures throughout Indonesia and several countries in the world. This organization is not only a forum for building networks for fellow alumni but is also actively involved in social and humanitarian activities.

University Highlights

Total students - 31,582


International students - 422


Total faculty staff - 1,872


Total students - 31,582


International students - 422


Total faculty staff - 1,872

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