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Faculty of Business, Government & Law



The name Business, Government & Lawis a distinctive title which reflects more than simply three intellectual traditions residing in one administrative entity; it is also a unique merger between a number of independently strong disciplines which offers opportunities to develop a distinctive research and learning environment. Being based in the National Capital with the Australian Public Service on our door step adds to the potential synergy between the two nouns. The vision which this document sets out identifies the core values which underpin the Faculty's work and the ways in which, by combining business and government, it is possible to add value to the intellectual enterprise. Enterprise and innovation fit together as a core value because they capture the extent to which the Faculty aspires to be on the leading edge of developments in the institutions of business and government. Enterprise can have meanings as both a noun and an adjective. As a noun it refers particularly to a business organisation, a key focus of much of the Faculty's work. As an adjective it can be used to lay claims to being enterprising; that is, a willingness to undertake new ventures and to show initiative. Innovation fits nicely with enterprise...

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