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BA in Economics

BA in Economics

  • Degree BA
  • Study Level Bachelors
  • Duration 48 months
  • Start date Jan-2000

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The program in economics is intended to equip students with the basic tools to understand the operation of a modern economy: the origin and role of prices and markets, the allocation of goods and services, and the factors that enter into the determination of income, employment, and the price level. The program in economics can be divided into four component parts: The Fundamentals sequence provides students with the basic skills required to be successful in the major. The Core curriculum consists of four courses designed to introduce students to the "economic approach.? The Empirical Methods sequence provides students with the fundamental techniques of data analysis. The Electives are intended to allow students to tailor the economics major to their interests. The curriculum covers price theory and macroeconomics, economic history, econometrics, mathematics, and calculus, as well as a wide range of other topics: environmental economics, health economics and public policy, and public choice, for example. Internships and research positions in the Department of Economics, University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and National Opinion Research Center (NORC) are encouraged. To be considered for honors, students must meet the following requirements: (1) a GPA of 3.5 or higher in the major and a GPA of 3.2 or higher overall, (2) participation in the honors workshop and sole authorship of an independent research paper on a topic in economics, and (3) a faculty sponsor's letter evaluating this independent research paper. For award of honors, the project must receive a grade of A or A-. At the beginning of the student's fourth year, the economics honors committee must have a letter from an economics faculty sponsor expressing willingness to oversee the student's writing of an independent research paper and recommending the student be admitted into the honors workshop program. Honors papers should be outgrowths of economics electives or research assistant work for the faculty sponsor.