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BA in Sociology

BA in Sociology

  • Degree BA
  • Study Level Bachelors
  • Duration 48 months
  • Start date Jan-2000

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The discipline of sociology explores the nature, structure, and dynamics of social life, and also its causes and consequences for the world. With this broad mandate, sociology encompasses a diversity of substantive interests, methodological approaches, and theoretical orientations. Sociologists study diverse social phenomena ranging from online conversations, friendship, and families to neighborhoods, governments, and global markets. They study cities and communities, inequality, social mobility and social class, patterns of population change and migration, social identities such as race, class, and gender, ethnic relations and social conflict, social media and digital interaction, and social dimensions of sex, health, business, education, law, politics, religion, and science. Sociologists study the emergence, stabilization, disintegration, and wide-ranging implications of these social institutions, behaviors, and meanings. Methodologies of the field range from ethnography, interviews, and historical research to surveys, computational modeling, and big data analysis. The University of Chicago?s sociology department was the first in the United States, and it stewards the American Journal of Sociology, the discipline?s longest running sociology journal. Chicago sociology builds on these legacies by continuing to sponsor path breaking research. Chicago training in sociology confers deep understanding of social organization and human relations, along with skill in drawing inferences from data, which has made it attractive for students considering careers in business, social media, data science, education, law, marketing, medicine, journalism, social work, politics, public administration, and urban planning. Chicago?s sociology education forms an excellent basis for specialized graduate work and affords entry to careers in federal, state, and local agencies, as well as into business enterprises, private foundations, and research institutes. Chicago?s sociology program provides a preeminent foundation for students considering careers in advanced research and university teaching. The program is designed to meet the needs of diverse students, and students declare a student-designed specialty that reflects their course work and BA thesis research, such as social policy or social analytics. If the student's cumulative GPA is at or above 3.25 and the student's GPA in the major is at or above 3.5, the student may be nominated for graduation with honors on the basis of the excellence of the thesis. The thesis must be based on substantial individual research conducted under the guidance of a faculty member, and it must be evaluated both by the student's adviser and by the program chair at A- or A.