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BS in Environmental Science

BS in Environmental Science

  • Degree BS
  • Study Level Bachelors
  • Duration 48 months
  • Start date Jan-2000

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The Department of the Geophysical Sciences offers a BS degree in Environmental Science. The program is intended for students whose interests fall at the intersection of biology, chemistry, and earth sciences, and is designed to prepare them to enter a variety of interdisciplinary fields in the environmental sciences, including the interface of environmental science and public policy. Students are given the opportunity to study such topics as the biogeochemical cycles, environmental chemistry, microbiology, ecology, the chemistry and dynamics of the ocean and atmosphere, climate change, and environmentally relevant aspects of economics and policy. Students are encouraged to participate in the Semester in Environmental Science at the Marine Biological Laboratory, and undergraduate research is also strongly encouraged. Program Requirements for the BS in Environmental Science The requirements for the BS degree in Environmental Science involve completion of: six required courses that fulfill general education requirements for the physical sciences, biological sciences, and mathematics seven required science or mathematics courses eleven elective courses pertinent to the major from the electives lists below, which must include four courses designated ENSC or GEOS one course in Statistics, and two more in any of Mathematics, Statistics, or Computing one to three courses in Social Science/Public Policy