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Undergraduate Overview

Foisie Business School offers four undergraduate programs, as well as five minors. Its graduate management program can also be taken at undergraduate level.

BS Business

The Bachelor of Science in Business degree at Foisie Business School aims to develop your broad business knowledge in order to prepare you for a career in technology-based organizations.
The flexible curriculum also allows you to tailor the program to suit your own career ambitions and interests. Concentrations offered include financial technology, business analytics, innovation for social change and general business.
During your studies, you’ll learn and work with scientists and engineers, as well as collaborate with your peers. Project-based learning is also a key element of the Bachelor of Science in Business, as you combine theory with practice through hands-on learning and put your business knowledge to the test to come up with innovative solutions for real-world problems.

BS Industrial Engineering
The Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering at Foisie Business School is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.
The immersive curriculum allows you to develop your knowledge and skills in traditional engineering, math and science, while specializing in concentrations such as design principles, inventory management, information technology, supply chain planning, and financial analysis.
Project-based learning is an integral element of the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. You’ll have the opportunity to work in your field of interest whether it’s financial services, healthcare, supply chain, or operations as you combine theory with practice through hands-on learning and put your business knowledge to the test to come up with innovative solutions for real-world problems.

BS Management Engineering

The Bachelor of Science in Management Engineering combines management principles with technical interests, allowing you to study core courses in management and six technical courses.
Those who study the Bachelor of Science in Management Engineering can pursue a career in producing solutions for manufacturing, product development and service delivery where they can apply their specialist knowledge and skills in management and engineering.
With a flexible curriculum, you can customize the degree to suit your career ambitions and personal interests. Concentrations include biomedical engineering, chemistry, civil engineering, electrical and computer engineering, manufacturing engineering, mechanical engineering and operations management.

BS Management Information Systems
Where business and technology meet, the Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems is ideal for those who are looking to combine their interest in business and technical skills, as you look to keep up with the ever-changing business landscape.
You will use your analytical, problem-solving and communication skills to advise managers on best practice regarding forecasting sales, analyzing trends, optimizing production, as well as selecting and installing the most appropriate hardware and software.

Tuition fees
Tuition fees for international students vary depending on whether you’re a first-year student or if you’re a returning undergraduate student. At Foisie Business School, current tuition fees are $51,604 per academic year.
Foisie Business School also offers additional funding that are based on both need and merit.
For more information about tuition fees and other costs, visit Foisie Business School’s website.

Entry requirements
Students will need to hold an average GPA of at least 3.86, and have at least:
•    Four years of math (including pre-calculus)
•    Four years of English
•    Two years of lab science

How to apply

If you’re an international student who’s interested in applying to Foisie Business School, you’ll need to submit the following:
•    Online application
•    Transcripts
•    $70 application fee
•    Three letters of recommendation
•    GRE or GMAT score
•    TOEFL or IELTS score (only for international applications who are from non-English speaking countries)
•    A statement of purpose
•    Up-to-date CV  
•    A video essay

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of entry requirements. You should therefore visit the Foisie Business School website for further information regarding entry requirements, how to apply as well as tuition fees.

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