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Fast Facts

  • Part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (together with the Caribbean islands of Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten)
  • Constitutional parliamentary monarchy with bicameral legislature, headed by prime minister (currently Mark Rutte)
  • Around the same size as Switzerland
  • Population: approx. 17 million
  • Borders Belgium, Germany and the North Sea
  • Capital city: Amsterdam (but The Hague is the seat of the national government, as well as the location of the International Courts of Justice)
  • Official language: Dutch
  • One of the flattest countries in the world; the highest point is only 321 meters above sea level
  • The Netherlands boasts 15,000km (9,320 miles) of bicycle tracks – and this is a conservative estimate.
  • Dutch people are the tallest in the world.
  • The Netherlands was the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage (in 2001).
  • Currency: Euro (€)
  • Central European Time (UTC+1) switching to UTC+2 in summer
  • Most densely populated country in Europe
  • Around 90 percent of Dutch people speak English as a second language