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UK Freshers’ Week Bucket List

By Annie Warren

Updated August 28, 2019 Updated August 28, 2019

If you’re starting university later this year, Freshers’ Week will be one of the most exciting (and daunting) times of your uni experience – maybe even your life!

This might be your first time living away from home in a new town or city, and you may not know anyone else you’re living with - all of which can feel scary but it’s also a huge opportunity.

The key thing to remember is that everyone is in the same position as you, so usual social norms don’t necessarily apply. It’s not going to be weird if you say hi to people you don’t know, knock on random people’s doors and invite them for drinks in your kitchen. It’s Freshers’ Week! This will never happen again!

Keeping this in mind, here’s a handy bucket list of the things you should do (or at least, be prepared to do) in your first seven days at uni.

Get freshers’ flu


Look, let’s get this out of the way early on. It’s going to happen. You might as well embrace it.

Arrange and rearrange your new bedroom


Spend way too long wondering which posters to put on the walls and which books to put spine-out on the shelf to send the right message to visitors about Who You Are.

Meet as many people as you can and get all their numbers


At the end of the year, look back through your phone and wonder who on earth ‘Karim Uni’ and ‘Lizzie Freshers’ are.

Attend the freshers’ fair and accept every flyer that comes your way


Now is the time to try new things. Grab everything you can and sift through the pile later. Keep your options open. Plus, there are usually loads of discounts and freebies to be had if you take the time to read through them.

Put your name on every society sign-up sheet you can get your hands on


Ditto above. You can always unsubscribe from the emails later. If you really don’t want to put your email address down, you could always use the email address of one of your new mates - but be warned, they might not stay your mate for long after being bombarded with Lord of the Rings Society emails.

Actually join at least one of the clubs or societies you put your name down for


Be open-minded. Viking Society? Knitting Club? Ultimate Frisbee? The world is your oyster. You never know who you’ll meet or what talent you’ll uncover.

Spend all day designing and making an outrageously good fancy dress outfit


...only to spend the night in the Student Union and have it completely ruined by spilled drinks and people stealing your hat/tail/sunglasses.

Attempt to make a budget


After checking your bank account on the morning after your first night out, it’s probably wise to sit down with an Excel spreadsheet and plan your future spending. You might not get it exactly right the first time, but budgeting is a fine art that cannot be rushed. You’ll get there.

Recover from Freshers’ flu


It feels like it will last forever, but trust me - it won’t. Three days, max.

Find your way around campus in preparation for the start of term


Figure out where most of your lectures will be and where the library is. Scout out a good lunch spot and look for shortcuts. Even more importantly, find a coffee shop.

Ruin a relationship with a flatmate


By coming home late and loud or by not doing your washing up. (Obviously I’m not advising this – but be prepared for it to happen, whether you’re the ruiner of the relationship or the ruinee).

Subsequently sort your life out and decide you’re not going to be ‘that person’


Spend a day washing all your plates and doing all your laundry. Your flat probably already has a loud-mouth and slob. Don’t let that be you.

Repair relationship with flatmate


Pizza and a film, anyone?

Keep relationship repaired by not saying anything about their passive aggressive notes left on food and lines drawn on milk cartons


SARAH’S BREAD. Is your name Sarah? No? THEN DON’T TOUCH!!!!!!

Spend a night in with a hot water bottle, packet of biscuits and a book or film


Partying every night isn’t for everyone. You should never feel guilty about taking some time to yourself - to be honest, even if you are a party person, it’s good to get some sleep every once in a while.

Call your family and friends from home to see how they’re doing


You might miss them a bit (or a lot) these first few weeks or months. Talk to them and get them to come and visit you if that’s an option. Talk to those around you as well – it’s very likely they’re feeling the same way.

Go to your first ever 9am lecture very hungover/still drunk. Or miss it completely


Vow never to do it again.

Do it again


I’m joking. Please go to your lectures.

This article was originally published in August 2019 .

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