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Top 10 universities for master's in business analytics degrees

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Updated Jan 02, 2024




The recently released QS World University Rankings: Business Master’s Rankings features 149 of the top universities to study for a master’s degree in business analytics. 

The rankings are based on five different indicators: value for money, thought leadership, employability, diversity, and alumni outcomes. Here, you can find more information about the methodology and how the rankings are put together. 

Read on as we discover the top universities that offer master’s degrees in business analytics. 

QS World University Rankings: Business Master’s Rankings – Top 10 universities for a master’s in business analytics 




UCLA (Anderson) 

United States 

MIT (Sloan) 

United States 





Ecole Polytechnique 


Duke (Fuqua) 

United States 

Imperial College Business School 

United Kingdom 

ESCP Business School 


IE Business School 


Texas (McCombs) 

United States 


NUS Business School 


10. NUS Business School

Location: Singapore, Singapore

10th this year is NUS Business School in Singapore: the only Asian entry to the top 10 universities for business analytics. NUS Business school received its highest score for value for money this year, 17th in the world, highlighting the value for money its students receive when they choose to study a master’s degree in business analytics. 

NUS Business School was founded in 1965 and prides itself on its unique teaching methods which are based on experiences instead of textbook learning. It aims to create entrepreneurial spirit, which has seen so many of its graduates go on to build successful companies. Its impressive faculty has a wide range of business experience and are committed to helping students reach their full potential.

9. Texas (McCombs)

McCombs School of Business

Location: Austin (Texas), United States

Texas (McCombs) has taken ninth place in this year’s rankings and is one of four entries to the top 10 list from the United States. It has also scored well for value for money this year, ranking third in the world for this indicator, as well as thought leadership where it’s ranked sixth in the world. 

McCombs became a standalone school from the University of Texas at Austin in 1922 and was later established as a graduate school in 1964. Since then, it has become a global force in the world of business by placing emphasis on global connections and collaboration in order to produce future entrepreneurs who have the skills and connections to begin a successful career. 

8. IE Business School

Location: Madrid, Spain

IE Business School has taken eighth place in this year’s rankings overall. It did particularly well in the employability indicator, placing joint fourth in the world alongside Imperial College Business School. 

IE Business School was founded by entrepreneurs for future entrepreneurs in 1973. It launched an international MBA with a blended learning programme in 2001 and was the first university to create a virtual learning unit in 2002. It also introduced a new innovative ‘sustainable, vertical campus,’ IE Tower, in 2021.

7. ESCP Business School

Location: Paris, France

Ranked seventh this year is ESCP Business School. It ranks very highly for diversity, fifth in the world for this indicator, which suggests the wide demographic of its student body and its commitment to inclusion. 

ESCP considers itself to be a pioneering school as it is one of the oldest business schools in the world. Established in 1819, it is also the only pan-European school with campuses not just in Paris but also cities such as Berlin, London, Madrid, Warsaw and Turin.

6. Imperial College Business School

masters in management

Location: London, United Kingdom

Imperial College Business School has ranked sixth this year. It received its highest score in the employability indicator where it ranked joint fourth in the world alongside IE Business School. 

At Imperial College Business School, the aim is to look towards the future and develop solutions to real-world situations affecting the world of business and wider society. Its research-led programmes aim to foster entrepreneurial thinking and create opportunities.

5. Duke (Fuqua)

Location: Durham (North Carolina), United States

Ranked fifth this year is Duke (Fuqua) which receives its highest score for alumni outcomes. It ranks fourth in the world for this indicator. 

Duke Fuqua aims to create practical action instead of just teaching concepts. It prioritises public trust and creating a relationship between a business and the consumer in order to produce business leaders that are able to navigate the wider world and use their skills and knowledge to make a difference. 

=3. Ecole Polytechnique

Location: Paris, France

Ecole Polytechnique is ranked joint third. This school was ranked highly across many indicators and received a perfect score for thought leadership and employability. 

Ecole Polytechnique was founded in 1794 and has a long history as a school which is directly tied to and serves the French military. It offers students multi-disciplinary knowledge and encourages boldness and risk taking in each of its programmes. 


masters in management

Location: Paris, France

Also ranked third this year and rising one place in the rankings is ESSEC, the joint highest-ranked European school that offers a master’s in business analytics. It scores highly for both diversity and alumni outcomes. 

ESSEC operates with people-focused principles, ensuring its graduates can bring meaningful change to the world with their business knowledge and create a meaningful contribution to society. It aims to produce leaders in the business field with the ability to create change. 

1. MIT Sloan School of Management - Masters of Business Analytics

Location: Cambridge (Massachusetts), United States

Ranked second this year is MIT Sloan. It scored very highly across a number of indicators such as thought leadership and employability and also receives a perfect score in alumni outcomes. 

MIT Sloan aims to teach its students the principles of good business instead of following current trends and popular opportunities. At the same time, it connects students to the newest technologies and global opportunities which give them a view into a future that they can help create. 

2. UCLA (Anderson)

UCLA Anderson School of Management

Location: Los Angeles (California), United States

Rising in the rankings to take the top spot this year is UCLA (Anderson). It receives a perfect score in the alumni outcomes indicator as well as receiving an almost perfect score for value for money, employability and thought leadership. 

With principles of collaboration, fearlessness and a desire for change, UCLA Anderson was founded in 1935 and later renamed after major funder John E. Anderson in 1987. It aims to equip its students to create real and lasting change and to have a positive impact on the business world by identifying problems and using innovative thinking to solve them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with a master’s in business analytics degree? 

A master’s degree in business analytics can open doors to a career in many industries such as business, finance, IT, banking, certain types of engineering and consulting. Some of the most popular career paths pursued by graduates are: 

  • Machine learning engineer 

  • Data architect 

  • Statistician 

  • Data analyst 

  • Chief technology officer (CTO) 

  • Chief data officer (CDO) 

  • Application architect 

  • Project manager 

  • Market research analyst 

  • Business/analytics translator 

  • Data scientist 

For more information on career possibilities for graduates with a master’s degree in business analytics, see our article: 11 career paths you can pursue with a master’s in business analytics and big data

Does a master’s in business analytics teach coding? 

The curriculum for a master’s in business analytics will vary depending on which business school you attend. However, coding can often have a significant role in the subject. Some institutions may provide information on coding as part of the course and others will expect students to have some existing knowledge of coding when applying. It is important to research the curriculum and entry requirements of the business school you plan to attend to find out any specifics. 

How employable is a student with a master’s in business analytics? 

Graduates with a master’s in business analytics can pursue a career in a variety of roles and fields, as listed above, many of which have particularly good average salaries. A master’s degree in business analytics builds upon a person’s knowledge of the subject, therefore improving their employability, and can lead to a stable and profitable career. 

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