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Get career-ready with a management master’s in the UK

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Craig OCallaghan

Updated Jun 06, 2024



University of Bath School of Management offer several exciting postgraduate management degrees

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The UK continues to be one of the most attractive global destinations for business students, thanks, in part, to the quality of institutions and career opportunities.  

UK schools now offer a wide range of management master’s degrees available to prospective students, allowing you to tailor your education to closely align with your desired career outcomes.  

For example, the University of Bath, School of Management offers nearly a dozen specialised master’s degrees in addition to the more common management and finance-based degrees.  

Let’s take a closer look at the range of management master’s degrees available to prospective students and how they could provide you with the proper preparation for your dream career. 

MSc in International Management

A business master’s degree with a global outlook, an MSc in International Management will provide you with a deep understanding of international business and cross-border investments.  

Graduates from this programme are well-placed to work in multinational companies. 78 percent of the 2022 graduates accepted a job offer within three months of completing their degree.  Popular career paths for international management graduates include sales, finance, consulting and management.  

Organisations who have hired University of Bath, School of Management graduates with this degree include Airbus Operations GmbH, Estée Lauder and JP Morgan. 

Additionally, international management students at University of Bath, School of Management have the option of participating in a summer internship. Students are encouraged to apply for competitive internships with multinational companies, with full application support provided by the school’s MSc Careers team. 

Ammar Siddiqui has progressed from studying international management to now working as Project Manager at Razi Real Estate Management Group. He said: “My MSc course gave me valuable skills in managing high workloads and collaborating with diverse teams. I also learned practical skills in modules like business analytics. 

 “The academic support I received from the School's Dean was outstanding. The University's career service also played a crucial role as they helped me secure a work placement at Airbus Group during my studies.” 

MSc in Sustainability and Management

Sustainability is an increasingly important topic for employers and employees alike, with companies large and small having to consider the social and environmental impact of their work.  

MSc in Sustainability and Management students at University of Bath, School of Management study topics such as governance for sustainability and responsible marketing as part of a 12-month programme. Through exposure to experts in business, you’ll learn how to manage relationships with communities, society and the natural environment while exploring the challenges of implementing and maintaining sustainable measures in industry. 

Gillian Jacques was attracted to the programme as she “wanted to gain a deeper understanding of sustainability issues and how they relate to the corporate world”. As part of the programme, she opted for the Practice Track, enabling her to work with Unilever and local charity Bath FoodCycle on a practical project.  

“This was a wonderful opportunity to get out into the community and plan an event from start to finish. My group also consisted of students from other management courses, so we tapped into our individual strengths and collaborated on these projects - not unlike a real-world experience.” 

86 percent of the programme’s 2022 graduates had accepted a job offer within three months of completing their degree. The most popular career paths for the programme include working in sustainability consulting, sales/marketing, and consulting. Top recruiters include Deloitte, PepsiCo and KPMG. 

MSc in Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

A career with a global company requires a global mindset and that’s exactly what this MSc programme aims to instil in its students, providing you with the knowledge and skills required to pursue work in the managerial or consulting areas of operations, logistics or supply chain management. 

Students gain real-world insights through the programme’s inclusion of a consulting project, where you have the chance to gain valuable hands-on experience through working with industry. 

This was one of the key selling points about the programme for student Songbin Lyu: “This allows me to take part in a real-life project and work with a client throughout the course. This not only helps me to apply the skills and knowledge from lectures, but also offers a great opportunity to gain industry experience and prepare for my future career.” 

All students at University of Bath, School of Management benefit from high-quality career support, including a dedicated career advisor and customised career workshops.  

Professional Development Programme

Unique to the University of Bath, School of Management and spanning all course modules, the Professional Development Programme enables students to level-up their master’s degree by applying their learning on real-world projects with a range of organisations.  

The programme includes various challenges, such as the Rotork Community Challenge which provides students with the chance to work and support local charities and disadvantaged people, and the Future Business Challenge which involves meeting with companies and working in teams to analyse what makes a business resilient in the face of real-world issues. 

Throughout the programme, you’ll make valuable connections with school alumni and industry connections, learning skills outside of the scope of your chosen master’s degree. 

Sakshi Bindal, who studied an MSc in Accounting and Finance, said: “I had the opportunity to learn management skills by taking part in events like the Future Business Challenge, Rotork Community Challenge and by being an Academic Representative. 

“Through these, I learned skills over and above the financial and accounting skills in my degree.” 

Another aspect of the University of Bath, School of Management which spans all degree options is the range of scholarships and financial aid packages available to students - they have over 50 scholarships of varying amounts available to offer holders from the UK, Europe and overseas.