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How to develop leadership skills in uncertain times

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Updated May 21, 2024



Table of contents

Table of contents

How to Develop Leadership Skills in Uncertain Times

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The world has changed drastically over the course of the past year. Between entire industries collapsing and a high percentage of the workforce suddenly working remotely, leaders have been faced with the difficult task of being adaptable while keeping operations under control in a time of unprecedented crisis.

As the pandemic progresses into 2021 and COVID-19 vaccination rollouts continue across the globe, there has never been a more crucial time to look beyond and develop the leadership and adaptability skills necessary to help workers stay healthy, safe and stable during rapid changes.

If you’re looking to improve or gain leadership abilities, here’s how you can do it – even during a crisis.

Invest in your education

Now might not seem like an ideal time to go back to school. However, education is one of the key steps to upskilling as an employee, an employer and – most importantly – a leader.

In fact, master’s degrees – whether in management, science or business administration – are a great way to refresh the abilities you already possess and acquire new ones that are relevant to the times we’re living in and beyond.

The IÉSEG School of Management, for example, offers a wide range of programmes aimed at fostering leadership, such as a Master in Management, Masters of Science, and several MBA programmes.

Looking at your professional and educational experience, you should choose the path that best suits your background, economic (and time) availability, and future goals. No matter what you choose, it’s going to be worth it.

Get specific with your skillset

Another great way of developing leadership skills is to find your niche. While general business school degrees can help you succeed in several industries and sectors, having a clear idea of the areas you’re passionate about and you would thrive in is always an ideal place to start.

To help graduate students who have unique interests, the IÉSEG School of Management has created a selection of specific MSc degrees, with 11 specialised programmes in International Business, Big Data Analytics for Business, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and more.

And if you already have a few years of experience in the workforce and dream of landing a top-tier job and forging an international career, IÉSEG offers a selection of MBA programmes that will help you develop advanced leadership and adaptability skills and become an expert in international management.

Depending on your goals and professional needs, you can choose from an international MBA, an MBA in leadership and coding and an executive MBA.

Look beyond borders and cultures

Despite a huge portion of the workforce working from home, the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of having a global business outlook. Thanks to the widespread adoption of digital communication technologies – such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Slack – businesses have been able to stay connected and continue collaborating with international partners, showcasing the power of global leadership.

If you hope to develop relevant leadership skills, experts recommend you focus on enriching your international flair, as being able to work alongside talent from other countries and cultures will become increasingly important in the upcoming years – especially if you want to pursue an international career.

Studying in an international environment is a great way to do so. IÉSEG, for example, boasts a highly diverse staff, faculty and student population, as well as a network of 306 partner universities and 2,500 businesses around the world, for you to build and nurture business relationship that’ll last you a lifetime.

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