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Why Studying the Digital MBA Might Be a Really Good Idea

Why Studying the Digital MBA Might Be a Really Good Idea main image

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The business landscape is always subject to change. With the introduction of innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT), it’s becoming increasingly important that today’s business professionals are equipped with the specialist skills and business acumen in order to plug the knowledge gap thanks to such advancements.

Cue, the Digital MBA. This specialized program has been designed by ISDI with aspiring business professionals in mind, and allows you to put theory into practice with the ‘Backbone Project’ which involves digitizing a real business.

If you’ve got a passion for all things digital, but also have a keen interest in understanding how a business is run, you may want to consider a Digital MBA.

We spoke with three students, Janik Obstmayer, Marta Butler, and Koro López de Uralde, who are all currently studying the Digital MBA at ISDI to find out what their experience has been like so far.

Why did you choose to study the Digital MBA at ISDI?

Janik: It’s an alternative to doing a traditional MBA at one university and then doing a digital technology master’s at another one. I’m also interested in digital business and would like to eventually create my own company.

Marta: I chose to study the Digital MBA because I wanted to know about the digital world and find a better job. And to be up-to-date in the market because nowadays if you don't know about the digital ecosystem, you are dead!

Koro: I decided to join the Digital MBA because I wanted to have a broader vision of digital business. I already knew a bit about performance and digital marketing, but I lacked the strategic vision to become a leader.

What do you enjoy most about studying the Digital MBA?

Marta: The Backbone Project. It’s where you learn the most in the Digital MBA, because it’s where you get to know different backgrounds of people and they give you different ideas. It's the most fun part as you learn a lot and you can see how your ideas are being implemented and getting results, so it’s very motivating.

Koro: Even though it is a demanding program, I have really enjoyed it. What made me learn the most was the Backbone Project, which was tough work, but I also loved the classes, which were like TED talks from experts in a digital field.

Janik: It’s great to have a mixed group of people with different backgrounds and goals. The networking opportunities have been great too.

In what ways do you think you will benefit from studying the Digital MBA?

Koro: Nowadays, there is a high demand of young profiles with digital knowledge. I think it will help me find new opportunities and understand the digital revolution we are experiencing. 

What opportunities (such as internships) have you experienced at ISDI?

Koro: I was already working when I joined the program, and not looking for a different job. However, most of my colleagues have changed their position, several of them receiving internships and scholarships from international leading companies such as Accenture. 

Marta: We’ve had the opportunity to visit Salesforce and Accenture. It’s been really cool because you can see how people have been working in the environment you want to be in, so it motivates you a lot for the future and it’s very helpful. Thanks to the MBA, I’m working at Accenture and doing an internship there. My job is to digitally transform the operations of a very traditional company, so it’s very exciting to see how it evolves with all the things I can apply from the Digital MBA.

What aspects of the Digital MBA do you think will help you progress in professional opportunities after graduating?

Marta: Working in AGILE methodology and presenting in front of CEOs and CPOs. We present the work we’ve been doing in front of the whole class, CPOs, or chief product owners.

Koro: During the program we had several leadership sessions, which I think will help me a lot in my professional career, as I learned to know myself better and improved myself as a leader. There was also a lot of content about new working methodologies such as Agile, which will also be very useful, as most large companies are beginning to implement these kinds of working methods. 

Janik: Learning more about the benefits of networking, and knowing how to take the initiative.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of studying the Digital MBA? 

Koro: I would tell them they have to be very determined to do it because it is a really demanding program and isn’t easy to keep your motivation levels up all of the time. You need to be really willing to engage!

Janik: Do it if you’re interested in digital ways of working, such as agile and digital marketing.

What does the day in the life of a Digital MBA student look like?

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Written by Stephanie Lukins
As the sponsored content writer for TopUniversities.com and TopMBA.com, Stephanie creates and publishes a wide range of articles for universities and business schools across the world. She attended the University of Portsmouth where she earned a BA in English Language and an MA in Communication and Applied Linguistics.

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